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  1. Thanks, yeah it is really a special scenery. It gives you the feeling of actually being there because of those little animations.. (animated flags, birds, real world ship routes etc.)
  2. Kann ich gut verstehen... Ich hatte den Spass erst kürzlich wegen meinem neuem PC.. das ganze hat 7 Stunden gedauert... Wirklich keine schöne Sache, aber eventuell als Notlösung...
  3. wenn das nix hilft, mach mal ne flusi neusinstallation... habs nie verstanden warum, aber manchmal solls helfen, auch wenns ein Haufen Arbeit ist...
  4. I bought the new Heraklion scenery a few days ago and now i finally had the time to test it and all i have to say is wow... I did a flight with Holgis Oneworld Paint for the PMDG NGX from LGIR to EDDH and here are some screens of the departure out of runway 27. Still at the parking position. I love those animated flags in front of the terminal Lined up at runway 27. Take a closer look at those runway textures. They are simply stunning. Only FSDreamteam and flightbeam has them equal. Airborne and the following left turn because of the high mountains at the end of the runway.... Really nice left turn at maybe 1000ft agl. Some departures offer a nice view over the harbour at the left cockpit window. Same situaion, external view. Here you can see the harbour and the ships, which follow real world routings. In the moment i started taxiing, there was a big ship just exiting the harbour. I personally love this scenery and i recommend it to everyone, who thinks about buying it. Also i´m looking forward to do some flights to LGIR with the Airbus X Extended, as soon as it is out. Thanks for watching, alex
  5. Goof

    Aerosoft & NLS?

    Oliver (Former known as NLS) posted some screenshots on their facebookpage just a couple of weeks ago... (i think it was in may or june...) Progress is still going on, but really slow.
  6. Hol dir ne neue Grafikkarte (GTX 560TI z.B.) und tweak etwas and that's it. Ein neues System muss echt nicht sein... Gruß, Alex
  7. Gestern bestellt, bin sehr gespannt, wie die scenery ist. man gört ja wirklich nur gutes darüber Ich freu mich sehr auf die Flüge mit dem Airbus X dorthin
  8. Aaaaaaaaah okay i did not recognize these were not Aerosoft product Disregard in all points, but as already said.. Great picture(s)
  9. nice one but be aware, that there is a special forum for videos and screenshots, maybe one of our forum mods could push it to the right direction But anyways, i love the water texture. Keep it up
  10. Already checke it out I heard it will come in the next weeks. But mhmmmm... i think for me it is not worth to buy it since i hav never flown to KPHX..... If i fly to the US, i always fly to KJFK or KSFO.... mhmmm let's see. Anyways, the pictures are already looking fantastic!
  11. I just tried it under different conditions. Manual landing 747, came in a bit high--> No problem Autoland, perfectly on the marks--> Crash MD11--> Same story NGX -->manually, a bit low--> nothing.... No idea what is going on there, but i am alwqlays flying with crash disabled because of the AES-Light cars on airports. Sometimes they just drive through my engines And also it is not really cool, if you are online flying, finished cockpit preparations, and suddenly someone logs in at the same gate you are standing at.... Simply leave crash detection of and that's it. Nevertheless it is one of the coolest airports i've ever been flying to...
  12. Rauszoomen? Also ich nehm bei der NGX immer 0.60 als Zoomfaktor. Leertaste, Scrollrad von der Maus--> Fertig. Müsste man aber auch in der cfg festlegen können glaube ich.
  13. I always have crash detection disabled.. but i will try it for sure in the next days. But i guess they never solved this problem in an update.
  14. Hey guys, Just a few hours ago, i bought Flightbeams KSFO (sry aerosoft, i bought it directly at the developers page as i wanted to have it as from right now.. The box version would have caused 1 day delay ) Now i was testing this beauty and it is simply stunning. As always, i did my "walkaround" with the default trike, as it it slow, and you can reach every spot at the airport. I always thought i would never buy this scenery, but now that i bought it, i think it is one of the best scenerys for FS out there. The level of detail (especially at the jetways) is simply amazing. I´ve never seen something like this before, and there is almost no impact on frames. Now here are two little pictures of this great airport addon (which is available here at Aerosoft ) This here shows how perfect the jetways are modelled. Even the inner door (which closes the gangway if it is not docked at the aircraft) is modelled in a very high level of detail. On the whole airport, you can see many different types of jetways (5 if i remember correctly). Another great thing about this scenery is the ground texture, on which the airport is based, as the resolution is pretty high. So it looks great, when you are taxiing AND when you are flying above it Together with AES 2.24, and the soon to be released Airbus X Extended in United colors, i will fly to San Francisco quite often i guess Hope you like this pictures, i can really say, this scenery is worth the money, and .... well IT´S KSFO
  15. Are you sure that you have the aircraft ground-shadows set to off in the settings? And also did you install WOAI packages of airlines that fly to Frankfurt? (For example Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo, COndor, Air berlin).... Check this, otherwise i have no idea what the problem could be.
  16. I absolutely agree with Mathijs, stunning screenshots
  17. Christian liegt da denke ich richtig. Warum weiss wahrscheinlich niemand, aber FSX auf der Systempartition (meistens C:) verträgt sich nicht. --> Neuinstallieren, dann auf D oder sowas, uiautomationcore dann in D:Flight Simulator X (also den Flusihauptordner) und dann die NGX draufinstallieren. Mit der Hardware hat es 100%ig nichts zu tun.
  18. Hi, Did a flight yesterday from EDDF (Aerosoft) to EGLL (UK2000) with the PMDG NGX. Actually, this would be a typical flight for an Airbus A321 (like the DLH flight), but as i do not own the Airbus X (waiting eagerly for the Extended ) i did it with the NGX, as i ilove those realistic light of the NGX and Airbus X It is only one picture, but i personally love it I hope, that the next time i do this flight, i can already do it with the Airbus X Extended
  19. Blöde Frage... Wie kannst du ohne Internet connection hie im Forum posten? Okay Spass beiseite. Bei PMDG-Produkten ist eine Online Aktivierung immer erforderlich. Es gibt m.W.n. keine Möglichkeit, diese Aktivierung über einen anderen Rechner zu vollziehen
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