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  1. Hi, If you change the pixel_size value for [VCockpit01] from 2048x2048 to 1024x1024, this completely fixes FPS but the gauge placements and sizings are broken. If a low fps 1024x1024 version of the gauges could be made somehow, I'm sure that would probably fix this issue?
  2. Sorry to post a lot! Download is now running at a ridiculous speed, 360kb/s...... Whatever happened it worked!
  3. Download is dead, 0b/s, this is impossible.
  4. Just trying again today and the speeds although slow seem better, 15kb/s = 1hr 40m. Suppose i'll have to wait but not sure the download will be continuous.
  5. Just the FS2004 download.
  6. Download has completely stalled and stopped now at 5%, no idea what to do, i can't complain to BT as my speeds are totally normal and regarding German routing my tracert points to no culprit, all the speeds are normal.
  7. It's really strange, almost like a throttling issue because everythings perfect elsewhere, but with Aerosoft i get OK pings but obvious issues with downloads.
  8. Hmm, i waited a bit and restarted my modem followed by restarting the download despite that i'm getting perfect pings to my own website but this is my download status of the scenery from Aerosoft. I'll try with IE.
  9. Hi guys, just bought the new FS9 Nice scenery and i'm wondering if your download servers are running ok? I'm from the UK. Here is a download comparison from Avsim to USA servers and Aerosoft's.
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