We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. The OA is a part of it. The part in question is now grey instead of black, but it looks flat in the Tundra PAX compared to other models. Also removing the OA is not really an option as the rest of the aircraft has dirt and but the wings are sparkly clean.
  2. I have been following this thread daily to see if there are any updates as I am having the following issues (as well as others) that I need to resolve, so I can release my repaints for this aircraft. Two exterior cockpit doors mirrored: Some one indicated that the lettering can be placed in one of the decal textures that align with the two doors. Which decal sheet and where is it located as this is not indicated on any UV maps? DHC6_DECALS_INTERIOR_INFOBOARDS_albedo.psd: Missing the in all the paint kits, but it is referenced in the documentation. Someone indicated to just copy the existing texture and edit it to update the cockpit registration but when I try to open it in Paint Shop, it is black. Can we get this missing psd file please? Missing texture in the AS_Aircraft_DHC6-300_Tundra_Pax: There seems to be a texture missing for the DHC6-300 Tundra Pax. See attached image where it is black. This appears in my repaint but also with the default livery that comes with the aircraft. If someone could look into this, it would be appreciated. Regards,
  3. Missing the DHC6_DECALS_INTERIOR_INFOBOARDS_albedo.psd in all the paint kits, but it is referenced in the documentation. Regards,
  4. If we could at least get a plain white livery, that would be a good start. Regards,
  5. Indeed. Unlike Aerosoft aircraft, some other payware models are not efficiently modeled for AI traffic and therefore should not be selected in model matching. If you are flying a VATSIM event such as Friday Night Ops (FNO) or Cross the Pond (CTP) and notice that there is a huge frame rate drop, try unselecting some of your payware aircraft in your model matching rules. Regards,
  6. Just a word of caution regarding using MMM. This method works great for small aircraft such as the Twin Otter. However, if you have a lot of larger aircraft and use this method, you may experience a substantial reduction in frame rates and stutters if there is a lot of traffic, so you may want to be very selective on what aircraft you include in your model matching rules. This has been discussed in the vPilot forums. Regards, Marc
  7. Typically, Aerosoft releases the paint kit as the same time as the aircraft. I have not been able to find the paint kit for this aircraft. Any idea where I can download it or is there an ETA on when it will be available? Thanks in advance,
  8. This is very helpful. Thank you very much!
  9. Our livery for most of our aircraft include having a logo on the winglets. All previous version for FSX/P3D, etc. we were able to paint our logo on the winglets. However with the CRJ for FS20, there is only one set of textures for the winglets and when we place our logo on it, it is reversed on the other side of the aircraft. Can this be fixed in a future update? Regards,
  10. The last world update did not install properly, so I had to reinstall FS20 from scratch and I am no longer having this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience,
  11. Since I installed the CRJ 550/700 the External View in the Hanger doesn't work for any aircraft including any aircraft that are in the hangar. When I click on the External View button, nothing happens.
  12. I just had this happen to me with the A330 (latest version) in P3Dv5 HF3.
  13. That would be really cool! When will VAs that are part of this program be notified? I haven't received any news regarding until I posted a message here.
  14. We have had several pilots that wish to take of the Aerosoft VA discount, but the products are no longer available. Would it be possible to get some details on how this works, so that we can modify our web site accordingly and update our pilots on how to go about purchasing Aerosoft products with the VA discount? Thanks in advance,
  15. Any idea what happen to the Virtual Airline Editions page? We are getting a No articles found error message when trying to access it. Thanks in advance,
  16. Finally managed to get it downloaded after multiple tries. Thanks for your help anyways.
  17. Anyone else having issues downloading Anchorage X? I have been trying since last night to download this scenery and it keeps timing out. I do not have any issues downloading any other productsfrom Aerosoft but I only have gotten as far as 1GB before it timed out on me. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. I have followed all the steps in the checklist and validated it with other pilots who fly this aircraft. I removed the aircraft from my PC and then reinstalled it (v1.11) and behold no more warning messages. Go figure.
  19. Hi all, Does anyone know why I would be getting Aft Fuel Low Fuel / Fwd Fuel Low Level warning while flying the Twin Otter even though I have 50% fuel in both tanks? Thanks in advance,
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