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  1. Sorry about the wait - I wanted to fix the 2nc0 frames issue (caused by the trees) at the same time. The fix for both this and the autogen issue is just being tested at the moment, should be up very soon. Thanks, Mat
  2. From memory (it's a while ago now!) this was a hardcoded bug in the way the FSX airport format deals with closed runways, which is why the issue exists in the scenery in the first place. I'm having another look at the problem now to see if there's a more satisfactory solution, so please bear with me a little longer and I'll post the results here soon as I can. Cheers, Mat
  3. Hi, We are indeed looking at the Mountain Air frames issue (especially), as well as a few other small things, for a 1.1 update for DA1 soonish. Also, with the braking at Barra, we used a more slippy surface for the runway to simulate the effect of wet sand. It would be possible to put an optional user-activated 'dry sand' patch in 1.1 if people would like it. Cheers, Mat
  4. Hi Chris and others, sorry to keep you waiting - we didn't have this problem during beta testing so I had to do a little research.. The textures are definately fine, so I think it might be a conflict between another addon scenery (most likely an aerosoft product) that uses one of the same vehicle libraries as santorin; FSX is trying to call the same texture from 2 locations and failing. Changing the order of Santorini in your scenery library (either higher or lower preference than any other addon scenery) might help this (sorry, don't have any other addons installed here so can't test myself). Otherwise a temporary fix would be to disable the other scenery that uses the same vehicle library, until we can come up with a permenant solution. Hope this helps, best, Mat
  5. Hi Chris, in your Santorinix/textures folder there should be a bunch of .bmp files with names beginning with 'lwpg...' etc. Can you please confirm that these are present, and also, that the many other cars in the airport carpark are also displaying black? This may be a display problem with your vid card not liking .bmp files (all the other model textures are .dds). Cheers, Mat
  6. Hope these answer a few questions :wink: mat
  7. I'll do a a small fix for this problem now; shouldn't take long at all! Mat
  8. Cheers Sascha, Good to know they didn't sink... Mat
  9. Hi Mutley, Can't remember the exact times but from memory the Lady Moura leaves Monaco around 9:00 or 10:00 local time every day and steams off to Canne harbour. The Atlantis II is out of Port Hercule for 2 unpredictalbe days a week and can be found then in a little harbour off north Elba... Do you see either yacht if you start at Monaco say 6am? Mat
  10. Hi Allen, All custom, placed over the overlying terrain image using the FSX annotator tool. Does not do good things to the muscles in your hands... :wink: The textures are custom though, based on riviera style apartments. Best, Mat
  11. Nice shot Adnane, try the same in winter for an even more realistic effect... Mat
  12. Haha, Rick's cafe is already in the scenery, a bit hard to see at day time but easier at night Try flying a bit closer to the Race course and see how you go Mat
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