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  1. Does anyone have a list of what payware products that uses SODE?
  2. Some bus action in Canada and Norway (first one) EDIT: I see that I have to update my signature. I run P3Dv3.2 on a 980Ti and a 2700k@5.0GHz at the moment so a bit outdated in my current signature.
  3. G-EZAX climbing out of Stansted bound for Belfast and Aldergrove.
  4. No problem to download this. It is not broken in any way
  5. No problem to download this. It is not broken in any way
  6. Taxiing to stand at the newly released Bergen scenery. Looks amazing. Great job by AS and Jo Erlend
  7. Happy New Year! Of course, long time since I have posted here even though I promised to post more often in the old screenshot thread. First of all I have to say that this thread is (already) packed with amazing screens from numerous sims I suppose. I am still on FSX, but I have the money ready for P3Dv2. I am still on the fence, but I am getting there after all the reading about more and more products that seems to be compatible with the new version of P3D. Okay, enough of that. Time for some screens. All of them is from the same night, but it was literally an amazing
  8. ebksb123: This model isn`t actually very good, because it don`t have any VC. It only has default 2D for the Airbus. But here is the link for the download: http://simviation.com/1/download?file=788v4tomx.zip&fileId=40351 I just found it because i needed a respectable visual model to make the screenshot. Maybe you can merge it, but i don`t know.
  9. Hi! The 787 is at the moment visiting the capital of Norway, Oslo. I thought that a picture for that would fit good for a little morning shot. Hope that you like it!
  10. Bonanza A36 from Carenado outside of Israel`s Farm Good luck, Folks!
  11. Beautiful shots! Just a little correction from me in Norway... It was Arlanda and not Oslo you were at with the red gates
  12. It is a really good freeware scenery in this package with 55 airports in Norway. I know that this is Aerosoft`s forum, but i think is okay to link to this scenery for those who still uses FS9 and want a good Gardermoen scenery. http://www.flightsim.no/fsno/filbibliotek/FS2004/scenery/europa/norge/75/visit.html
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