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  1. Hello; I just wanted to share with everyone that I resolved my CTD @ Stuttgart by relocating the start locations to over the runway instead of over the taxiway. I have discovered that over the taxiway start locations tend to influence large number or other airports located on the same bgl that the airport with the over the runway start location. i know it sounds crazy but for some reason my FS looks into the location of the start location in any given geographical bgl. this resolved my ctd issues and may or may not work for me. I hope that the FS gurus may have a more technical explanation. best...
  2. Hi I bought your fantastic scenery but i am having issues loading the textures after landing.. I can see the shape of the objects but the light; building and ground textures are missing....they comeback after a while but it takes a bit for this to happen Any ideas of what could be causing this?
  3. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they have been able to make the previous EDDH afcad work with the 09 version of EDDH? On the previous version the AFCAD was Star enable allowing all runways to be used depending on wind direction. If this is not the case has anyone seen a file on avsim? Thanks J
  4. Hallo; I've been experiencing a double bridge display over the river at the approach to 5L on EDDL. Any ideas how to fix this? Pls see attached. thanks J eddl_bridge.doc
  5. Gents; Thanks for your support I found that there was an additional DEM.bgl file on the EDDP folder that was conflicting with my other Scenery Germany . EDDP is fully functional now. Thanks
  6. Mathis; First and foremost please accept my most sincere apologies...I forgot this is a public forum (I guess after so many years of buying your products it feels like we all are family) I understand your concerns on this matter. I tried following your instructions and finally determined theat the key is not active(hence my posting).I have sent you an email with the screenshot from the installer so you can help me sort things out. Have a great Day
  7. Hi; I just bought your Arlanda mega airport scenery from Simmarket and they key provided is not allowing me to install. I am getting an error message indicating that either the password or the email are incorrect. I double checked to be sure and unfortunately nothing has worked. Please help my order details below... 1 x AEROSOFT ONLINE - MEGAAIRPORT STOCKHOLM ARLANDA FS2004 (268) = EUR 20.13 Delivery Method Direct Download Information/Your Registration Key: xxxxxx Sub-Total: EUR 20.13 included Tax: EUR 0.00 Total: EUR 20.13 Delivery Address: Jose Albanez xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx United States Payment Method:
  8. Hello everyone. I just bought leipzeig and i am having CTD issues after take off right over the threshold of either runway around FL2000 when swithching from tower to departure. I have windows XP sp1 FS9 Intel Pentium 4 3GHZ with a dedicated Nvidia 512mb of video Ram. Any suggestions to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  9. HELLO; I just bought the wonderful Madrid scenery but now I am unable to use it because the key provided does not work..... here is my order detail... 1 x AEROSOFT ONLINE - MADRID BARAJAS 2008 (181) = EUR 20.96 Delivery Method Direct Download Information/Your Registration Key: Key deleted by Moderator Sub-Total: EUR 20.96 included Tax: EUR 0.00 Total: EUR 20.96 Delivery Address: Jose Albanez 3192 Everdale Dr San Jose, CA 95148 United States Payment Method: CREDIT CARD Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  10. Matthis.....I am unable to buy product because the option to download does not show up on my shopping screen....help! J
  11. Oliver; Thanks for the prompt reply... I am using version 1.95a; the aircraft was parked at the correct position by using the option within AES. The jetways are visible. I see the KDEN.bgl and Config but not the jetway bgl file not visible... I have re installed three times now with no effect. purchased new credits reassigned just in case and nothing...
  12. Oliver; I recently took a trip from KORD (chicago) to KDEN( denver) to my surprice the bridge did not dock to my aircraft and only the stairs and service vehicle were available. I checked the core folder and didn't find the AES jetways active .bgl The imaginesim KDEN folder is also missing from the airport folder within AES :?: how can i fix this? Thanks
  13. :oops: Sorry for the avatar.....my bad...i selected the wrong one...Thanks for the quick reply oliver. I did as instructed, unfurtanately no avail; the terrain continues to be higher in the apron area than the buildings and textures within the area. this grass texture has enough elevaion that when I am taxing to the runway the airplane with bump coming down from it. Funny thing is that the correct textures of the airport can be seen from a distance. I used to have Canary Sims scenery but has since been gone and I replaced all the BGL with FS originals before installing wonderful madeira. here is a list of all bgls under LPMA in my system AESA LPMA PTS.BGL (AES AIRPORT) AESA LPMA PTS.CFG (OUTLOOK CONFIGURATION) AESA LPMA PTS.BGL (AES SCENERY) AF2 LPMA.BGL (WONDERFUL MADEIRA) LPMA AES (WONDERFUL MADEIRA) LPMAX.BGL (WONDERFUL MADEIRA) LPMA.BGL (WONDERFUL MADEIRA) Thanks
  14. :twisted: I have an issue with the textures at LPMA; The apron texture has dissapeared under grass texture; the planes are touching the ground but AES is sinking and so are the static vehicles at this airport. After following the discussions on some other threads I reloaded the Scenery files from FS9 discs and reloaded wonderful madeira with no solution to the problem I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this. :?: see attachments Thanks J
  15. Oliver; I just upgraded from 1.70 to 1.71 an I am getting the following error message; "Error reading from (new)Scenery.cfg file" Please help Jose
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