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  1. Great thanks Emanuel, I had no knowledge about how the weather generator impact on the actual pressure measurements. I believe that the Microsoft server for "Real weather" is down som my present weather settings are not actaul real life weather. Alessio above gave me a tip on a free weather generator that I will test. You mention that you made a "reset" of the altimeter-how is that done? I finally think I have the latest version of the Aerosoft Airbus - how can I check- Aerosoft Update page dont indicate a later version anyhow. Åke
  2. OK, thanks, but Ive been told at several occasions that I fly " to low" at low altitude from ATC, for instance while vectoring. 4000 feet on FMC says give 3600-3700 feet according to ATC. But they can also be wrong? Åke
  3. Roger, now I understand. Great thanks. I thought I could correct any difference between ATC alt reading and my aircraft alt reading by changing a factor in aircraft config. Åke
  4. No I havent, was not aware of this function. Pls explain closer
  5. Yes, ofcourse, FS2Crew organise that Åke
  6. I fly since several year Airbus series 320/321 in different liveries and is extremely pleased with the performance except for one issue: according to online ATC (VATSIM) my "real" altitude according to ATC is lower than the one I read in cockpit FMC i.e. if I am asked to fly 4000 feet they measure approx 3600 feetat a certain mB, forinsance 1020 to be put in according tp ATC I need to adjust to approx 1013 to level out on 4000ft (approx). Can I adjust the aircraft config in some way to correct this? Best regards Åke
  7. Thanks for closing my subject before I am able to reply to your comments: I know PSXT is not an Aerosoft product, neither FSX but the problem occur on my Aerosoft airports i.e. EDDF, EDDS, ESSA,EDDL,EDDH, etc etc. I have spent a fortune on Aerosoft products through many years. I know FSX has seen its best years and that 64 bit environment is better and we are looking forward to the replacement next autumn by Microsoft Flight simulator. So I guess there is no solution to this "problem". Regards Åke
  8. Matthjis- you closed my topic just like that...? I had one reaction only: from Mopperle: "Seems to be a memory/graphiccard issue caused by PSXT (never heard of it). So simply turn it off." OK- but if I turn it off there is no Real Traffic available- so whats the point? Can someone tell me more in detail what can be done to improve the performance? Åke
  9. Hi, I experience a remarkable scenery problem in FSX when I fly with RealTraffic in combination with PSXT. The latter developer has no clue how it can cause the problem I have randomly, the only thing I know is that the scenery becomes normal again if PSXT is turned off. The problem: from cp or outside view suddenly a grey/black enormous "wall" occur and destroy the view, occasionally it dispappear if I move sideways with the view in spotting mode, just to come back again if I return to the original position. The "wall" has different shapes, but randomly I can see spots of a gear/wheel in the grey zone. Is there any help to get here on this irritating problem. The issue occur in landing/take off mode and taxing, newer on high altitude. I use Aerosoft airports mostly and it´s Airbus 320 for FSX. Appreciate any help, I can provide more photo examples, see also attachment. Åke
  10. Great thanks Mathjis, sounds good to hear the positive attitude. As I said I have been in FS user since early 80-ies and remember when Aerosoft was introduced, also going online for the first time mid 90-ies downloading aircrafts etc. I hope we soon will know how MFS2020 will look like, however ”they” claim conversions of 32 bit sceneries and aircrafts will not be possible. Let’s see. Åke
  11. Is there any intention from Aerosoft to deal with new MFS to be launched by 2020, i.e. to communicate the development and or perhaps participate in the development? We are many FSX users who have spent a fortune on Aerosoft software through many years and we feel now left behind if no such statement is occuring as you obviousely focus on other 64 bit solutions. Please give us your feedback Thanks in advance Åke
  12. Well, today I think we could say that you are wrong, Microsoft has announced that they will take up MSF again with all efforts needed to continue the excellent work from 1983 and forward to 2007.. My advice is that you let Microsoft invite you for cooperation because this is where the future with FS is, I am glad that I sticked to FSX and Aerosoft for so many years and not having jumped over to Xplane or P3D. Akki
  13. Hello boss,

    is there any chance that you (Aerosoft) would be engaged in the development of Microsoft New Flight Simulator expected to be launched 2020?


  14. Great thanks for this advice, I have used "skip" in the checklist call so far....I will test in a short while, right now busy with Real traffic and parking positions. Åke
  15. Hello, my Aerosoft Arlanda (ESSA) do not cooperate so well with Real traffic input i.e. the aircraft do park randomly and completely wrong, your scenery from for instance EDDL or EDDF works perfectly! Is there any fix for this or advice on how to correct? Appreciate any help! Åke
  16. It works just fine now- great thanks for your advice and help! Åke
  17. Tom- great thanks for this clear instruction- I was not aware of this possibility. Will now check if the Navigraph update can be implemented without CTD. Thanks Åke
  18. Dear Hans and Hoffie , great thanks for your quick reply but I am not sure I understand on how to proceed: - logging in to Updates I get just the CRJ900 ver as an update-which I performed. I have read your article of the corresponding Experimental Update available but find no place where I can download it...sorry can you help me here? - where can I find the version number on my installation? I have now twice made a re-installation of my C: disc from an image back to November 22nd when it was fully working OK, it just takes 4h each time... Any further help appreciated
  19. My CRJ 900 (Aerosoft) dont like an update of Navigraph in FSX / W10 environment If I update on Navigraph homepage accordingly from 1810 to 1813 and try to load FP (based on 1810) as Company route created in Simbrief it crashes to desktop. Also new FP created in Simbrief based on 1813 cause the same event... What am I doing wrong?
  20. OK, thanks. I will check the Simbrief version. Thanks Åke
  21. So what do you suggest to create compatible FP for CRJ? Or is the idea that each wp should be entered manually despite of a company routes?
  22. FSX (so the FSXSE redmark do not apply) I have read that but that´s not the point- in Updates I find the file to Update but that is the version I have (see above= I have done that already) What I am after now is the fix …. Åke
  23. I have flown Aerosoft 320/321 for some time now and is extremely satisfied, now however trying to get airborne with the CRJ 900 which is not that simple.. My question now is - cant I use my FP as company routes from the Airbus in the CRJ by copy them to the Digital Aviation folder? I rename the file from for intstance EKCHEDDF01 to EKCHEDDF. The Company route is visible/accepted in the FMC but the waypoints do not occur, why? Any help appreciated Åke
  24. Maybe a stupid question but I am not able to find how to download the hotfix for CRJ version , I have version according to my product config file: ProductCode=1865 ProductName=CRJ 700/900 X Version= I found the page for it but there is no download option...? Åke
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