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  1. No, I did not, great thanks! Installed now. Åke
  2. OK, I was referring to the default version, not the Aerosoft addon. The default workd is lacking Landmarks in general, future addons will solve this topic, for instance the EDDS Stuttgart airport was missing completly, now there is an addon free of charge but the TV antennas typical for Stuttgart are still missing..
  3. I am sorry but I have nothing of that kind of problem, a beautiful scenery with all the houses, beaches etc that I could expect ( never bin there,,). No skycrapes what so ever, standard software ( not any Borkum add.on if available), Ultra high res, 60fps etc, Åke
  4. This is a well known issue in the Community around the A320neo, Asobo version as well as Fly-by-wire version. You have to give in the frequency manually, without the rwy identification ahead. We assume it is a internal MCDU issue, not a Navdata problem from the Navigraph beta data. We have also similar problem with the STAR + ILS creation on the ND. Having said this, this topic is not an Aerosoft/Airport topic and belong therefore in other forums (Microsoft Zendesk). Åke
  5. It remain as I wrote above despite of updating the Microsoft Shop. There was several item waiting for update but none related to MFS. Frankfurt Airport for example have this text I mentioned above in the Content Manager with version 0.1.30 Can anyone explain what the text mean in practise? Åke
  6. No, not this time. The first patches .7 and .8 for instance took me automatically to the shop for update, but the last updates are taking place in the game mode. I wonder why the behaviour has changed.
  7. I have the boxed version now updated to version - and the MFS work OK. I am however surprised to to see in the Content mgr that almost all installed packages read: "NEWER GAME VERSION REQUIRED TO UPDATE" - what does it mean and if applicable what shall I do? The Core content is "UP TO DATE" Åke
  8. This was my initial intention as I had the original installation on a separate SSD which I intended to move physically to a new computer-however the uncertainty in the forums including Aerosoft who delivered my boxed version I decided not to. Today we are more skilled. I saw also that the installation to a separate disc places folders such as Community (addon folder) anyhow on the C partition as well as the Flightplan files. Åke
  9. MFS selects the right directory for you on C, - no issue. And having an image of C is perfect-if anything happens, with the disc or software. Åke
  10. My initial boxed installation took place on a separate SSD disc in my "old" computer and worked nicely apart from the fps due to processor and graphic card. So I decided to get a new computer of the latest stand and reinstalled the MFS without any problem- and MFS is now installed on the C:\ disc which is a 1TB SSD working nicely. With reservation for what this "special edition" is from a magazine I can confirm that having the MFS on same disc as Windows doesnt create a problem. I am however making an entire system image weekly and in particular in front of Windows updates to be able to rescue
  11. It´s the same with other airports from the Market place/Content mgr: EKCH Copenhagen from FlyTampa have an updated version 1.1 available but the update is still not possible to perform from the Content mgr. I also purchased and installed the ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter from ORBX but it do not show up as "Owned".... So there are still room for improvements. Åke
  12. Yes, this freeware include some buildings, taxways and parking spots, Nice work.
  13. By updating Navigraph in MFS2020 we get among corrected navdata also a runway at the Stuttgart airport and the airport is now selectable from the Airport menue. Its needed to login to Navigraph and download the latest beta version for MFS. Åke
  14. I got no problem since I updated to patch, and the Airbus behave fairly good now, in particular with the latest mod that came today. And thank you GitGub! Life is back, thank you Microsoft/Asobo. ( I installed the latest Windows 10 update, again, saw no improvement by deinstall it.)
  15. Hello Herrman,

    most of your contribution is closing subjects before the have solved. Or properly answered if there is an answer.

    I agree that the main channel for several ssues shall be directed to Microsoft but you are closer tp them than we are. The response time from Microsoft are days or even weeks, if ever.

    Try to understand and help us, not just close subjects. We are your customer, most of us and maybe your best customer.


  16. No I am not saying that- I explained that this is how it looks default, showing the CD content after a completed installation. If there will be a update available it will do that automatically by next restart.
  17. Martin, I guess we all have this message in the Content manager. It is the basic material from the CDs, if there is an update or similar available it will automatically perform an update next time you launch the simulator. In addition below there is a list of additional installations which was downloaded automatically from the net as the CD installation was completed, in my case another 20GB. Finally another 5 GB was added before the installation was finalized. Downloaded addons, for instance liveries you place simply in the Community folder below the Packa
  18. In this way concluding my wish to reinstall MSF to a new computer- I have the last weeks made several posts on this topic at Aerosoft support pages. However, last night I succeded to make the "redeem" process but in a way I originally didnt wanted to and furthermore I had no idea what was going on....I gave up my initial plan to physically move a separate disc (SSD) as nobody could give me a tip on how to set it up in relation to Microsoft store and the previous original installation on a to weak (old) computer. So I went with Mathijs suggestions at several occations -
  19. I remember that during the installation when I was asked where to place it and I pointed at the separate SSD disc B:\ it didnt accept this before I wrote "B:\MSFSPackages" - then it started the 3,5 h installation of 10 discs.
  20. I am sorry Martin, but this is not correct - I did the same August 18th as my boxed version arrived and the alternative destination during my installation went perfectly: a separate SSD-disc with the name "B". All Package content went there i.e. 101 GB, in addition a MSF folder was created under Appdata for my particular installation. Today a new computer of latest stand arrive. I am still not clear over how to "move" this installation so I have decided to take it from scratch and do a "new" installation with all on C disc ( also SSD). Åke
  21. In the meantime I got also advice from Microsoft where I clearly described my present installation i.e. MyPackages on a separate B disc but the Appdata on C, now I have problem to interpretate the following advice from Microsoft, perhaps you could help me to understand which files they are referring to: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator) Sep 1
  22. Dear Mathijs, can we now for once clarify the exact proceedure to move the boxed version from one computer to another? Please take two minutes and describe the order off actions to be taken to: -uninstall and redeem the activation code on the active computer before doing anything else - install on the new computer after having dismantled and installed the separate disc that contains the boxed installation - if anything is needed to move of Appdata on the C:\ - reinstalling proceedure I have studied the link you provided but it is not crystal cl
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