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  1. Thanks for your feedback. I am not able to check its impact on the ”Cold and dark” checklist proceedure as being out from home. Anybody by Aerosoft being able to do so?
  2. Just wanted Mathijs to be more precise in his statement, a lot of inputs in the forums can be avoided if we are clear in our Q/A process. Now I however understand that Microsoft refeere to the latest update of version 2004 which took place a week-10 days ago. Unfortunately Microsoft still not has the ”Cold and dark startup issue” (battery proceedure) in the updated Known Issues list. I am right now not able to check if it disappear with the Windows rewind task as I am travelling.
  3. How shall we now Exactly understand this? On one hand we talk about version W10 2004 or on the other hand the latest monthly ”update” inside 2004. My understanding is that we talk about the latter? In addition - is this last update of Windows 10/2004 the explanation of all the issues reported and discussed in this forum on A320neo i.e. The engine one fallout, the battery error, ATC issues, AP disaster and so forth?
  4. I checked the ”Known issues list” from yesterday and several problems with the A320neo default version are still missing: 1) cold start proceedure / battery / APU ignition 2) AP behaviour 3) monitor/s drop out (no light) 4) ? I am travelling and can not get hold of my gamertag and Windows OS build for the moment which are required- can someone place these points to Zendesk tickets?
  5. Well this time it is not individual issues but a total crash in the Airbus sytem that have occured due to the latest patch. We all experience the same problems, I refraime from making a list here, but it is well documented. However I have seen on MS homepage over ”Known Issues” that not all are listed. I am just thinking over how to contact them to provide the full list. Now we have evidence for that they (Asobo/Ms) should focus on to just create the basic platsform for the simulator, which they have indeed with success and let outsiders like Aerosoft and amateurs to further develop the airports and airplanes. I am now thinking of your magnific Airbus Extended 319/320/321 ( which I have used 2014-2020) and the follower Professional which we one day hope to see in this environment. If you where around 2007 when FSX came we hade exactly the same situation, the basic models was a tragic. As long as you are wishing to be the retailor of Microsoft with exclusive rights of distribution you must accept to be involved in the process even when you are not to blame, of course not. Hoping for your understanding. Now we look forward to the next patch so we can fly the Airbus again, now it is impossible.
  6. Could it be possible that ”you” read Aerosoft created a list of malfunctions you are aware of due to your forum and send it to MS, you are closer to them than ”we”, your customer?
  7. Hello Herrman,

    most of your contribution is closing subjects before the have solved. Or properly answered if there is an answer.

    I agree that the main channel for several ssues shall be directed to Microsoft but you are closer tp them than we are. The response time from Microsoft are days or even weeks, if ever.

    Try to understand and help us, not just close subjects. We are your customer, most of us and maybe your best customer.


  8. Yes, this is now also my experience, left engine stops after taxing 1 minute, also the startup proceedure as you describe is random but finally left engine always fail, with or without the modd. Let hope for a quick fix.
  9. The Airbus 320 neo do not behave as it used to after yesterdays update to 1.8.3, i.e. already the battery on proceedure is locked, either it is on by default or it is left blank, no Voltage shown. If I instead of starting from scratch from a new location start from a saved mission the engine no 2 (left) startup proceedure is suddenly terminated, the engine stop after a few minutes and is not possible to restart. I have tested to restart the PC, and tested several scenarios. Someone else having the same problem? Is there perhaps a new settings that I am not aware off, I have set "Hard" on all pilot settings.
  10. No I am not saying that- I explained that this is how it looks default, showing the CD content after a completed installation. If there will be a update available it will do that automatically by next restart.
  11. Martin, I guess we all have this message in the Content manager. It is the basic material from the CDs, if there is an update or similar available it will automatically perform an update next time you launch the simulator. In addition below there is a list of additional installations which was downloaded automatically from the net as the CD installation was completed, in my case another 20GB. Finally another 5 GB was added before the installation was finalized. Downloaded addons, for instance liveries you place simply in the Community folder below the Packages.
  12. In this way concluding my wish to reinstall MSF to a new computer- I have the last weeks made several posts on this topic at Aerosoft support pages. However, last night I succeded to make the "redeem" process but in a way I originally didnt wanted to and furthermore I had no idea what was going on....I gave up my initial plan to physically move a separate disc (SSD) as nobody could give me a tip on how to set it up in relation to Microsoft store and the previous original installation on a to weak (old) computer. So I went with Mathijs suggestions at several occations - just "reinstall" (make a new fresh installation) being aware of being logged on to the Microsoft/Xbox account similar to the original first installation. Well. After 4 hours with the 10 discs on the new platform a peculiar process started with white screens of different character, I would call the Dead Ends, didnt understand what was going in. No straight forward process at all. But in some miracoules way I manage to complete the installation on my own discretion by putting disc one (1) into the DVD-player and after some back and -forward screens the store confirmed Installed/owned and started the 20 GB download + 5GB update, another hour or so. This was the nice version of explanation of what I did last night.... I am glad that I finally managed and impressed over its function in a real environment. Stunning simply. Today I tried to buy an airport from the Marketplace without success - malfunction-nothing happens... but I guess this is a topic for some other forum, Åke
  13. I remember that during the installation when I was asked where to place it and I pointed at the separate SSD disc B:\ it didnt accept this before I wrote "B:\MSFSPackages" - then it started the 3,5 h installation of 10 discs.
  14. I am sorry Martin, but this is not correct - I did the same August 18th as my boxed version arrived and the alternative destination during my installation went perfectly: a separate SSD-disc with the name "B". All Package content went there i.e. 101 GB, in addition a MSF folder was created under Appdata for my particular installation. Today a new computer of latest stand arrive. I am still not clear over how to "move" this installation so I have decided to take it from scratch and do a "new" installation with all on C disc ( also SSD). Åke
  15. In the meantime I got also advice from Microsoft where I clearly described my present installation i.e. MyPackages on a separate B disc but the Appdata on C, now I have problem to interpretate the following advice from Microsoft, perhaps you could help me to understand which files they are referring to: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator) Sep 10, 2020, 23:27 GMT+2 Hi Åke, When switching computers, you will have to reinstall the program. You can skip the large content download by copy the files to your new computer. The update files are located at: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages Copy these files into a folder on the new computer and when the content download asks for a file location, point the download to those files and you will not have to redownload all of the files again. I hope this helps! Kind regards, Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My issue/problem is that "Packages" as of above is NOT located in the "LocalCache" folder but on the B: -disc as I pointed on that disc at the original installation. But the other files are there and the folder string on C is correct. Having said this my concern is -shall I copy anything from the C- disc folders above to a location on the "new" C as well having moved the B disc physically to the new computer with all its content? If yes, from what folder/folders? Yes, I should go back to Microsoft for further explanation but the response time was 4 days on this topic so I would appreciate your help. Perhaps it can help also someone else. (I have screen photos from the the folder trees if of any use) Åke
  16. OK Mathijs, I will try this proceedure tomorrow! Let you know how it went. Thanks Åke
  17. Dear Mathijs, can we now for once clarify the exact proceedure to move the boxed version from one computer to another? Please take two minutes and describe the order off actions to be taken to: -uninstall and redeem the activation code on the active computer before doing anything else - install on the new computer after having dismantled and installed the separate disc that contains the boxed installation - if anything is needed to move of Appdata on the C:\ - reinstalling proceedure I have studied the link you provided but it is not crystal clear what I need to do as two different system are involved- what to do where and when? And Xbox for God sake, what does it have to do with my Windows 10 installation? If the answer is that my Microsoft account is similar to a Xbox account, OK. Sorry, hope for your understanding and clarification Åke
  18. Akki


    Hmm, I might be stupid but: The instruction shown above - does it take place in the new computer or in the old?,Nothing is said about redeemed or similar. I got the impression that FIRST I need to tell the Microsoft store that I uninstall on the original computer and THEN...? Sorry, but to me it isnt clear at all. I dont want to blow the setup. Åke
  19. Akki


    OK, let´s see if I manage. Will let you know, thanks. Åke
  20. Akki


    OK, thanks. I know, but they do not reply. Ive asked for how to move my boxed installation to a new computer shortly, but get no answer either. Its a redeemed action, but God knows what that mean...? Åke
  21. Akki


    Great. Ive found a package with the most common liveries for the A320Neo. They work fine and are easy to install. Now I have one question: - how do I get rid of the anoying textmessage in the cp`? See picture Åke
  22. The ATC is crazy, gives wrong command etc, say that other aircraft are 20000 feet out of height etc etc. Not possible to use. very buggy unfortunately. In addition Live traffic is a yoke, nothing occur as it should. It will take several months (or years) before they have a reasonable Live traffic as we are used to from FSX. Åke
  23. Fantastic work, as usual. Thanks Aerosoft Åke
  24. Well, it finally worked with the update: but I landed in the MS Store with a peculiar ad, No text about update, patch, anything, didnt see that the download for some reason was "paused", hit the little arrow upper right corner...will never stop to learn Åke
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