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  1. I hope at the end there will be done something about the autogen free zones around the airport. This has always been a problem for me with the predecessor that the surroundings looked flat like FS8.
  2. Wenn Ich Egelsbach und Frankfurt beide aktiviert habe, verschwinden große Teile des Autogens dazischen vollständig. Komplette Tiles sind wie leergefegt. Weiter entferntes Autogen wird wieder dargestellt. Specs: I7 4GHZ ATi 5870 1GB 6GB Win 7 64 FSX accel. Keine VFR Germany Reihe installiert , sondern normale Texturen. Autogen Treedichte 3000 Autogen Gebäudedichte 4500 LOD Radius 4.5 Woran liegt das bitte? Detailierte Orbx Flughäfen, die nah beinander liegen funktionieren ohne Einschränkungen. Würde mich wirklich freuen, wenn ein Technikexperte mir mal erkären könnte, wieso der FSX so reagiert.
  3. No it also happens with FSGlobal Ultimate(sold by aerosoft), too. Also have huge gaps right of the runway. It seems the flattened area around the airport has not been extended enough. I really hope that it will get fixed.
  4. Yes, my favorite US city. Have to go downtown and eat some fine crab legs there.
  5. I really love this scenery. It seems to be so damn accurate. This and Van Nuys will be a perfect combination. Limesim should also consider designing US cities San Diego. It is also a beautiful location. The airport, the Navy docks, downtown San Diego. Perfect place for some vfr adventures on our sim.
  6. "the ones of the landing are pretty spectacular." I like this kind of understatement.
  7. One of my most wanted sceneries gets even better.
  8. Holy.... Those surroundings look as good as FlyTampas Kai Tak. Work of art.
  9. Yes you can. You just have to register the product I think and then you can download the update from the appropriate section.
  10. Fantastic! I really like this first picture where you can see the custom buildings reaching almost the threshold of the runway. The airport is almost "embedded" in the town.
  11. I would really like to get it as a small update as I use one of the early installers from Manhattan X that keeps the transparent windows on the buildings which need some resources, but I too much love the eye candy. Pleas no complete new installer if possible. I would really love to keep my early version. Cheers, Roland
  12. The variation of the blue colored windows creates a fine illusion of depth.
  13. That looks like an excellent product. The airport itself looks fantastic and the surroundings look like ORBX have done them. After Frankfurt Hahn, Aachen and Friedrichshafen another true gem.
  14. Since I visited the island some years ago I wanted this airport.
  15. US cities San diego in combination with Socal Megascenery and Megascenery Phoenix with US cities Phoenix and the new flightbeam Skyharbor. Would be really cool.
  16. Det sieht super aus. Det wird gekoft. Da muß jetzt halt mal die Currywurst warten.
  17. Happy birthday from Munich. Thanks for all those great addons. I think about buying a new bookshelf now for upcoming boxes.
  18. I think it is not a high end system anymore, but it can handle almost everything. I7/920@4Ghz Ati 5870 6GB Samsung F3 1GB Win 7 64 Some tweaks. You don't need to buy more than 6-8 GB of Ram for FSX as it would help nothing as a 32bit application like FSX.exe can only address 4GB of RAM under Windows 7 64 bit. It is a hard limit. 12 or 16 GB does change simply nothing at all.
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