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  1. Sweet! This paint scheme is my favourite.
  2. Great work mate! It's very very handy for sure. Downloaded and now printing. Thank you!
  3. The flight plan will show your course (a VOR radial), so you need to turn your CDI according to it and fly aircraft to intercept that course. You must know where are you related to the specific VOR station and that's the "challenge" of IFR flying. If you don't know I believe you'll end up flying circles. I think you must read some documentation about IFR flying, it's easy but demands some practice.
  4. This aircraft is full of surprises lol.
  5. Yes, you must align your gyro with your compass (don't forget magnetic variation), because it drifts along the time. An easy way is look at your GPS HDG indicator and/or using Shift+Z looking at your current magnetic heading. CDI gives you deviation to/from a VOR radials and ILS (loc/gs) tuned on NAV radio. You need to turn your CDI according with course you will fly to/from.
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