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  1. I understand your answer. Just take time to read "Snave" answers. As I 've said he is skilled. As I 've said he is rude. - Take the point of view of a new customer. - Reading this forum before purchasing.... - For me it's freezing. - At the end I don't understand why a support forum as to be like that. Rude... - We all know that every new ones ask for the same things. Ever and ever. What is the issue ? - If they are welcome they will be ready for the next (well done I assume) product. - But if they read what I 've read... Sorry. With all my respect. Daniel.
  2. Hello all ! First I appologisze for my "approximative" english. - Just one question. - For a commercial site with the target to sell your products ( I hope so). What is the positon of your "Snave" ? You know ? The guy who "fire" everyone wich had made a step out. - Ok he is (perhap's I can't judge but I trust ) a skilled one. Every one agreed on that. - But as a customer paying for your products. It's rude to be treating like he do for a lot. - I 'm not there to be insulted. I' m not there to be treated as a child. I'm on a support forum to use your product as best as possible. - And I never say I'm a professional pilot. Me and a lot of all. - So on a "commercial way" to communiquate with your customers... Keep on mind that we just need help. And ... Respect. - Just to stay with you. - Pleae don't ruine your efforts by so bad communication. - Daniel
  3. I've had this one some times... But as I've put an "unallowed" autopilot so I never complain about this. Thinking it's my fault. (XML mix) - Do you are in this situation ? - In an others words. The GPS stay Ok, the "red" indications also... And a Pi/2 calculation is not so hard. When this append I live with. - I don't think that a 180° towing make the issue. Any modification perhap's. But only Marcel could status on that. - Have good flight ! Daniel.
  4. Not only well modelled, this one is also well "fsx" structured... So: If you put a new texture in the "texture" (without extension) folder this mean that it's for all variations. But if you put the same in "" this will regard only this one. - In clear, this "product" give you the ability to tune every variation. But keep in mind these textures are huge ! Specially the "bump" one ! 5Mb each. - I love this aircraft ! ;-) En francais: Non seulement il est bien "fichu", mais en plus bien structuré. Donc: Si vous mettez une texture modifiée dans les fichier "texture" (sans extension) c'est valable pour toutes les variations. Mais si vous la mettez dans la texture.xx, celà ne modifiera qu'elle.. - En clair ce "produit" vous permet de modifier chaque variation. Prenez en compte que ces textures sont lourdes. Spécialement les "Bumps" qui font 5 Mb chacunes. Daniel. Katana addict.
  5. Hello all. As you said the external paint is'nt really good (another is in the workflow). So I've just uploaded the "int" texture set. It's in the "general" section because there is still no "Katana" entry for uploading. Take a try if you like it. - Great thank's to Marcel (one more times :-) ) It was really a pleasure to work on a so well done set of textures. - If any issue I've added a link. Feel free to use it. Daniel.
  6. Hello. Last time I'd tried to start this "damned" engine without any sucess ... I've spend a lot of time trying every things (re load, reset, load another aircraft, and so on ...). At the end : I just opened the fuel valve ... - Magic ! ;-)) Daniel Daniel.
  7. With this actual one we could see the work Marcel has done. Everything is there. Thank's to him. Thank you for the link ! I was stucked by the sound ! Perhap's the "sim" one is too "clean". Just engine and little wind. And then we can hear that the actual isn't so smooth ! ;-)) As for the "ground shacking". Fsx limitations. I'm going flying ! Thank's. Daniel
  8. Hello. At the beginning it was just to occupe my rainy days holliday. But if you like it I've to finish them (textures) to correct some glitchs. Then I think the simpliest is to upload this stuff somewhere. I don't found a way to do it here. Normal this forum it's not for that. I'll try to Avsim. Or what ever you prefer. Just says. And if you have some remarks feel free to say what you prefer. At the end we have to found a way to put "your" face for the pilot. You know what ? It's very strange !! ;-))) When the first time you load the plane and you are in ... It's... Different. (Marcel... I don't know how to implement that.. But there is a idea). (The same as to have a "active" passenger as A2A on their Cub if they don't put a patent...) - I stop there i've to finish to mount the timming belt / water pump / and some other devices on my son car ... It's rainning today... :-( - Regards. Daniel
  9. Hello Tiger ! Just have to found how to make pm... (I'm really not a "geek" ) ;-) And then I will try to make "your" plane. Daniel.
  10. Hello all. I'm not a pilot. Perhap's just a common technician. But every time I've to set up some system, I look for a kind of measurement. It could be anything. Just to compare with what I've done before. That said, every one do as he want. And I really understand the way Marcel has implemented this function. Add a passenger, or fire him and the plane can't react the same. This is only physic... And for me it's the first plane where it's so clear. But... You also could make a little mark on the trimming rod to obtain quickly an approximative but useable setting. Not in a sim, we understand that. And the balance between "hand setting" and pure digits is not so easy to determine. So, because it's my way I've taken the mod of Blik (Thank's). And pushed a little more... A trim rode is not done for managing full course. Only somes parts of degree or very few of them. Then take a look at the corresponding xml. Change values to your "taste / experience/ needs" ... And that's all. Just for "Snave" : I don't measure my sterring angle when I drive .. But for sure, I measure the geometry of my wheels ! -1° ± 0.2 ... Depend of your car ;-) With respect. Daniel.
  11. The best would be that you send me your own face ... And your own logo. And why not your colour taste. It's a pleasure for me me to work paints and textures on this plane. - But if you've the tools to do it by yourself : Try ! Really, you 'll enjoy. Daniel
  12. Hi Marcel ! Really kind of you to answer. But you know what ? I've token this as a functional constraint and then it had drived me to this one : And to follow some details of the inboard... Just due to these (a lot of) rainy days during my hollyday ... :-) These are only for my own use. Just because it's my own taste. And certainly because it was a pleasure to reuse so welldone textures. Even if I've somme "glitch" to correct. But I use only 20 % of my FS time for that. The 80% resting are for flying. I'm in Iceland today. And calculating how to reach Canada... And this tricky "CHT" !!! I've broken my engine ,yesterday ! Just my fault ! Thank's. Daniel
  13. Work'n progress too... Just for fun. Daniel
  14. Hello all. I post there because it's not really a issue. Only for me. I'm working on my own paint (hope the attachment is Ok). I've trouble with the propeller working in outside view. Just want the white cone to be like as the plane (mediun brown). So I work on the MF_DA20_EXT_PRP_001.DDS. Simple DXT3 and a flat bump. Try a lot of things... But I stay with a white one. - Don't want to ennoye Marcel with little thing. But I finally think that the MDL is like that without solution. A pity after reworking (only for my own pleasure) all this great plane. So if any "repainter" have an answer it will be nice. - But you know what ? I'm still in my European tour. May be 60 hours. And it's the same pleasure as the begining. I enjoy this plane even with a "white Nose" ;-) Just for fun ... If I've understand how to upload (I'm really far to be a geek ;-)) ) Have a good WE. Daniel.
  15. Solved... I finally use the reset tool. - Because on the last try I've lost the wheel fairings, have the fuel "refiller ?" attached to the aircraft . Some trouble with engine loss after minutes. - Big mess ... - Everything seem ok now. - Hope so and go flying ! - Daniel
  16. Hello sirs. Sorry for my english. And the same if it's a redundant topic. I don't found an answer after a scan of this forum and the doc. After lot of hours in "MY" Katana. Yes now it's mine :-) I've to change my "Red" oil filter. But each time it's stay with the red icone. Is there something else to do apart clicking on the "repair" icone ? Do I need a complet routine (I don't know in english emptying the oil tank, fill with new one and only after change the filter ? ) I've try that but perhap's there is an order ? - It's not a "NoGo" issue but I've the same engine after crossing a lot of country around Europe and I want to keep it "sane". - Any idea welcome. - At the end Thank's for the plane and the concept. This completly change my way of simming. Daniel. W7 - Running as Admin. Still working on my "paint" ...
  17. Dave... You are facing too skilled people .. For them you're asking: 2+2 equal ? It's a little rude but just a little. :-) For sure you don't take of lot of time on docs. I understand that ... - Put your mouse on the "on" spot of each radio components. Mouse wheel up. And look at the light comming ... That's all. - Have good flight. And take time to read ... ;-) - Daniel
  18. Thank's for your support / info. I've found. I've test. I've adusted / trimmed / tuned (don't know the good word).. Take some time and try. Like the real thing I guess. When we receive a new plane. But now it works ! And the quality of this setting depend of me. The owner.. "Immersive" ... - Just one thing: As some of your customers like me are not really fluent in english. I think that just a little sentence on the "trim tabs" panel like: "This will affect the plane behavior" will help for the understanding of this feature. Remind that for a lot and perhap's all of us it's the first time we are facing it. - You know what ? I'm going back flying now ! - Thank's Daniel
  19. First: Respect for so quick answers ! - I'll take time tomorow for searching the "ground setting" It's my own job now. - And thank's for info. - BTW my "little gauge" is just to indicate some values on a second screen and with others, make the adjustment for elevator trim by 0.1 ° Yes , not realistic. Ok. But for sure as my own skills increase with trainning this will not be needed further. - At the end : Thank you ! Daniel.
  20. Not sure to have been clear and have used good words ... If "trim tabs" relate to vertical handling it's Ok for me. This plane need fine asjustment for this path but I've added a little gauge for that. - My issue is only on the "left turn". I don't have a pedestal but a second joystick for this purpose (rudder). Without any impact on this behavior (It's seem normal as this don't modify the good.surface). I just need a "aileron" defection setting to neutralize the "left turn". - Still searching the right XML variable. - Any idea or indication will be really welcome. - Nervermind ! This plane is GREAT... Even if I've crashed some of them due to my lack of skills ! ;-) - Meaning of "simulation" is changing these days... ;-))
  21. Hello all ! Daniel from France. Then sorry for my english. But: Headache for me, simple answer from you, I think / hope... - How do you trim tabs ?? - This tendency for left turn is the only point that is a little "negative" on this REALLY immersive product. I'm not a actual pilot and don't know if it is reallistic or not. I just want to have some seconds to look at the map. - If it 's in the plane I doesn't found... - If it's on the joystick I think I've to change mine ... - Any way this plane is great ! - From Carennado, to A2A, and then now Aerosoft I'm pleased customer. This one is a notch up. Well done. And thank's. Daniel.
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