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  1. Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_topic_12::__f__580f6c39a4fd0711fda85cd8355c5b56() in /home/aerosoft/public_html/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_12/skin_topic.php on line 255 But it might be just me.
  2. Does for me. It does get on your wick doesn't it. Oo, a message has arrived, I wonder what it says. Bet it's about airspace coming up.
  3. Had a quick whizz round in the new 1.0.3 and although I can't be specific there seems to be some graphics changes. I admit I haven't flown it for a while but it feels different...better. But then I might just be talking ****. A very nice GUI now! Much more instinctive, good job!
  4. You weren't in the USAF at Wethersfield were you? What do you think makes the women down my way 'easy'? The same as 'all of the rest' ...give them your wallet! I just had a look at AirForce1 and the Stars and Stripes are 'wrong' on the starboard side, just like Sarn't Major's paint.
  5. Don't you just hate it when being a smartarse comes a smacks you in the face? I didn't know that about Ole Glory. I can now safely say, I know everything!
  6. Nice, but I've spotted the deliberate mistake.
  7. Cheers Matt, we crossed in the post. So to speak.
  8. That's a thought! I did install CYYJ by (forget who), wasn't impressed and uninstalled it. I thought I checked to see if it had all gone but who knows? Where do I start looking for remnants i.e. afcads? EDIT: Had a good old dig around and also used Airport Scanner...Turned up nothing. *sigh*
  9. I know, I've got all three volumes of VFR and I can't bear to use it any more. So much so that I uninstalled it! You screenie reminded me why.
  10. It's also not hard to see why Orbx is so popular.
  11. And there's me thinking I'm the only person in the world who is anal enough to line up screw slots! Hi bro.
  12. Will do. I've only used it for 10 minutes just to set it up (a breeze, don't use Saitek software) but already it makes all my other throttles (Saitek quadrant and CH quadrant) feel like toys!
  13. It might, just just for one flight! Oh maaaaan!
  14. Yes I did. I got two trouble free flights out of them, I thought 'Could this be it?' On the third flight the same old story. Gone back to the latest ATI drivers. I'm fed up with this now. I'm off to play with my nice new Saitek TPM.
  15. All I do is pop it into the GPS and follow the magenta line...more or less. Darrington to KORS. I gone back to a previous graphics driver to see if that makes a difference. This has taught me not to be smug when others were having g3d crashes and I was NEVER having them!
  16. 3 trips, 3 successes! Both in the Katana and the Commander. In the Orbx KORS control panel, I turned off Audio 3: Ambient marina sounds. That's all. That's using the original panel.cfg. Make what you will of that. EDIT: I think maybe all the sounds should be disabled. Dear God! Another EDIT: Ignore me, I'm talking have a nice daye. That's it, I'm NEVER going to Orcas again!
  17. Marcel, just so you don't whip yourself too hard, I flew the new Carenado Commander 114 on the same trip. Bet you can't guess what happened Oh you did? Yes, a g3d.dll ctd at EXACTLY the same spot. I'm going to try both aircraft again but with the Orcas sound options disabled one by one. (My favourite would be the ferry hooter) EDIT: I'll be using the original panel.cfg
  18. Seems about right to me. Funny, I would have put money on the loading/saving part.
  19. Yep, same as Mr Düssel, only starter and engine sounds.
  20. Panel1 works almost as per normal, i.e. Realistic mode with the aircraft as I left it and I made the trip. Some sounds anomalies. (I'll have another go and be more specific. Panel2 Only Instructor mode and no GPS. CTDed on cue approximately 15 miles out which coincided with trying to tune radio in to KOTS frequency.
  21. You know the feeling 'Enough is enough'? I spent over an hour flying around NWR without as much as a flicker. I try another Orcas flight and get a 13 mile smack in the gob! 'I know', I thought, 'let's try to approach KORS from a slightly different direction'. So I stayed a bit more south than usual and approached KORS from the south. You guessed it, flew straight in. I give up and I'll put it down to the vagaries of FSX. It really can be a bitch at times eh?
  22. My CTDs are mostly g3d.dlls or the occasional ai_player.dll (?)
  23. 14 miles out, clicked on 'Select runway for landing' in the ATC window and kaboom!
  24. I've re-installed KORS and because of a sneaky feeling, I've disabled Peopleflow. I'll be beck.
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