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  1. Veteran's Memorial Airpark, AKA Meacham Intl. Just North of the Stockyards which are also a fun sight in Ft Worth. Got a great tour when I was there last Spring. I have forgotten the gentleman's name, but he was a wealth of knowledge and very enthusiastic (even if he was a former Navy pilo......I mean aviator).
  2. Jim, Finn, I've been out to the Bronco Association's great museum in Ft Worth. Perhaps you could work out a distribution deal where the boxed version of the Aerosoft Bronco could be sold in the museum's gift shop. BTW, if anyone on the forum is ever near Ft Worth, I HIGHLY recommend a visit to the museum. Very nice grass roots, hands on stuff there.
  3. You're probably putting a lot of load on that starter if you normally start in anything other than full fine pitch. I too have had the flickering gen light. A repair in the mx mode fixed it for me no problem. As this is a VFR only airplane, you can probably get away with flying it to failure though. If it fails completely, you should have enough battery to make a couple of radio calls and land at a suitable field for repair.
  4. Prozac


    Please forgive me if this is being discussed elsewhere but I was wondering if anyone in the know had a status update on Marcel Felde's Porter 4X project? There are some great screeens on his website that appear to show a product that's well along in development, but no updates for several months now. I've been eagerly awaiting this one! Thanks. Prozac
  5. Finn, I understand why you only want to do one cockpit, but I'd like to add a big "2" to dduce's request for a kollsman window callibrated in inches. It makes life much easier for those of us operating in North America. Does FSX even give the option of having altimeter reported in HPa?
  6. 1. Measuring stick forces 2. Don't know, but the smart people before me seem to have answered this 3. B-25 Mitchell over Tokyo 4. Kate torpedo bomber
  7. Ha! MUC, I missed that. (My German is awful, but I caught your meaning) That livery could only be a TWA Connie.
  8. Seems like about a 1000ft ground roll when full flaps, full reverse thrust and max braking are used. 80-90kts on approach with full flaps.
  9. Prozac


    First off, great airplane guys. Loving the flight model, systems fidelity, and performance on my moderate machine. Wondering if there are any plans to expand the manual or release a real world POH or Tech Order? Mathis, I read your comment about not getting wrapped up in the charts for this bird and I agree with you, but.....It would be nice to have: 1. An ops limits section; Single engine climb speeds, flap limiting speeds, stall speeds, temp limits, oil pressure limits, etc. And 2. At least some basic charts; Cruise performance (how far can I fly until I run out of gas?) Takeoff and landing distances, etc. As stated, with the fidelity of this model, I have no doubts that a real world T.O. would work seamlessly with this addon. Anyone know where to get one?
  10. BTW, Marcel, since you're around these days, any words on the Porter?
  11. Ran an inspection yesterday and found that the flight controls and airframe needed attention. The only thing I could think of was that I hadn't properly buttoned it up or tied it down on the previous flight. So....if you leave the airplane exposed to the elements, does it now incur damage?
  12. That makes sense. Pretty much negates the need to ever slip the aircraft which is a shame in the sim since the flight model is so good. I'm guessing most approaches are made with partial flaps in real world ops?
  13. Wondering if any of you guys woth real world Katana experience can comment on the use of flaps. My GA experience is pretty much limited to Cessnas so I realize my point of reference is a long ways off, but it seems like full flaps in the Aerosoft Katana are perhaps overly effective as a drag device. Don't get me wrong...I've had a lot of fun flying some REALLY tight VFR patterns using full flaps to get me to the runway very quickly but I'd like to know if this is really how the real world airplane behaves? Thanks and BTW Marcel, the improvements in v1.02 are much appreciated. Looking forward to the Porter!
  14. I've never seen this in real life (doesn't mean it doesn't happen & most of my experience is in heavy jets). Any advice given to owners of similar aircraft would be pretty much useless because each individual aircraft is going to fly slightly differently. There will be slight aerodynamic and weight differences due to imperfections in the manufacturing process. Depending on how the aircraft is operated, its flying characteristics will change over time. For example, an aircraft used extensively as a trainer will undoubtedly get "bent" during hard landings and other abuse typically dished out by student pilots. As a result, no two Katanas or 152s or 707s for that matter will ever fly exactly the same. This is the purpose of those trim tabs; to dial out those small (or sometimes not so small) differences in flying characteristics. In real life this process is something of a black art. I think this is what Marcel was trying to convey when he developed the FSX Katana. To my knowledge, no other addon has offered this feature. Marcel has easily given us the best representation yet of what operating a light aircraft is like in the real world.
  15. Personally, I find Snave's remarks entertaining and informative. He certainly can be blunt at times, but if your skin is so thin as to be offended by remarks such as these, you wouldn't last long in the world of real world aviation. As an experienced pilot, I find the developer's logic for the trim tab adjustment to be perfectly sound. As has been stated before, in the real world, you'd bend the tab a little, fly it, and adjust again as necessary. You will never get a light aircraft to fly perfectly straight because there are just too many variables involved. These planes simply have to be flown hands on. If you have the skills to come up with an application that allows you to adjust the tab to a thousandth of a degree, so be it. Just realize that you are loosing out on some of the immersiveness that has been designed into this great product. What I find much more rude than Snave's responses are demands to the developer to "just give us what we want". It is apparent that a LOT of thought has been put onto this product. Marcel has been extremely responsive in explaining his reasoning and regardless of your thoughts on what should be included in a product, you should respect his vision. Otherwise, feel free to design your own addons.
  16. Brave soul taking this bird into Stehekin. How'd she climb out on departure? I'm guessing you went early in the morning when ambient temps were low since you seem to have survived the trip!
  17. Snave, you can probably answer this; what's the TBO on the real Rotax?
  18. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip Simon.
  19. I may have encountered a similar issue. I wanted to confirm some assumptions with regards to time, distance, and fuel used to climb the other day and took off from KORS with the intention of leveling off at 5500ft. There was some cloud and rain present, but as I was operating with wide open throttle, I did not see a need for carb heat. Passing 3K, the aircraft started to loose power. Checked the fuel valve and turned the boost pump on to no avail. Added carb heat....nothing. Turned back and managed to dead-stick her back to a downwind landing at ORS. (Note: prop was barely windmilling at 70-80 kias. Not turning at all below 60 kias. As soon as the wheels hit the ground, the engine came back to life for a second and immediately shut back down. Wierd.) I sat on the runway for a couple minutes trying to troubleshoot the issue. I managed to get the engine to fire a few times upon attempting a restart but each time it immediately quit. I opened up the maintenance window and ran an inspection which showed nothing wrong with the plane. This was all the troubleshooting I managed to do before a landing AI 172 crashed into me and reset my flight! I attempted the flight again, this time leaving the boost pump on the entire time and applying the carb heat immediately after takeoff with the same result. I then departed into the pattern with the intent of staying below the weather and again the engine quit on downwind. This was the "N" registered Katana which, I understand has the carb heat mis-labeled and in the heat of the moment I may have been pulling the cabin heat, but I don't think carb icing was the problem based on my throttle settings. Everything is set to fully realistic and the auto mixture is off in FSX. Evidently, I have gotten pretty good at engine out landings and can happily report that the Katana glides very well. I do NOT recommend using landing flaps in an engine out situation though, as the approach profile approaches something akin to the Space Shuttle! Selecting takeoff flaps once you have the runway made works great!
  20. One thing many non-pilots don't realize is how much control inpot is really required of light aircraft. This is actually pretty sublime in FS compared to real life. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when I rturned to the cockpit of a light GA aircraft for the first time after years of heavy jet flying. Look down for half a second to read a checklist or tune a radio, look back up and WHAT? 20 - 30 degrees off heading in 25 degrees of bank! The fact is, light aircraft require constant attention. You really can't trim them up for hands off flying on anything but the calmest day. That said, I have noticed a tendency to roll left in nearly every MSFS propeller driven single. I think MS's torque effects are maybe a tad overdone.
  21. Simon, give me a call if you ever make it out to Oklahoma, USA. We'll talk flying.
  22. Thank you Simon for the info and excellent link. I've added the Rotax manual to my folder containing Aerosoft's Katana manuals. Should provide a couple hours of interesting study. I've purchased a few of Aerosoft's products in the past and have been a lurker on the forums. I couldn't help but notice several of your posts in the various forums here and you seem very well informed, if a little coarse with your responses. Mind if I ask what your background is?
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