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  1. Thanks for your reply. It worked in PFPX! Many thanks. Did not noticed that there are different ICAO codes used for this airport.
  2. Hi everyone, As I am planning a flight to the old Kai Tak airport, I noticed that VHXX is not available in PFPX. I searched the download section but couldn't find anything. Is there some one who has this airport available for PFPX or is willing to add it for the Kai Tak lovers? Many thanks! Guy
  3. I would like to see the following a/c for PFPX: Douglas DC-3 Douglas DC-4 Douglas DC-6 Electra 188 I know the old piston planes or way before the modern flightplanning age, but I would like to see these planes in PFPX so I can also make some great IFR flights with them. Give the old piston planes equal rights as much as the modern planes ;-)
  4. Hi all, Is there some one out there who has already an aircraft profile for the C-40B 10040 (iFly) 737-BBJ United Air Force? Thanks a million! Regards, Guy
  5. I am still hoping that Aerosoft will make a complete new version of Schiphol Aiport some day. The Cloud9 version is nice, but I know Aersoft can make it 10 times better and with a good framerate. Regards, Guy
  6. GuyH

    AES modified textures

    Hi Koebrood, Whow you did a great job sofar, very nice stuff! Can't wait till you're finished with it and see it in my flightsim. Keep up the good work! Groetjes, Guy
  7. GuyH

    AES modified textures

    Hello and goodafternoon to you all, I am very impressed by these modifications and I was wondering, as I am a big KLM fan, if there is somebody here who can do these same adjustments but then for KLM? Greets, Guy
  8. Hello guys, At the look of it it really seems a great product. And it is also great that on short notice Amsterdam Schiphol from Cloud9 wil be compatible with this. One quick question though...the pushback truck, is it possible for you guys to use a KLM pushback when departing from Schiphol? That would be so great, just in real life!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! Keep up the good work! Kind Regards, Guy
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