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  1. The whole island is indeed covered in 0.5-1.0m/px resolution. There are however certain small areas where only 2.0m/px resolution was available. The difference would be almost impossible to make out from that height. What you are seeing there is far far, far lower resolution than that. So, in other words there is nothing wrong with the photo-terrain itself. Can you refresh/reload the scenery at that location? Does the blurry ground go away? Do you have other add-ons affecting the terrain, UTX, GEX?
  2. Hi again Kosta, Could you tell me which version of UTX Europe you are using please?
  3. The release is not possible in the next 6 days. But we are now certainly looking for the first two weeks of August
  4. Hi Kosta, Corfu contains a very detailed vector work for shorelines. Perhaps UTX contains coastline information that conflict with CorfuX, but not sure about this. Let me have a look at UTX EU water and come back to you.
  5. To be honest, it's not decided yet. But even if it was, I guess it's a bit early for that discussion no? Perhaps we can have an 'open' discussion with suggestions later on
  6. That is correct. FSX is the first version to be released, FS9 will follow.
  7. Exactly. So we introduced the real LGIR code in our scenery too. So if one of those 'burns out' you can just drop me an email and I ll get it fixed
  8. Of course not! LGIR offers one of the most exciting approaches Also, this video is one of the few that shows clearly those taxi lights, do you guys see that yellow painted 'base' underneath each of them? They are all uniquely 'coded'. Anyone guessing why?
  9. The airport area is still being processed for FS9. As soon as this is finished we will be able to tell you more about the extent of scenery coverage. Yes, Dia is included
  10. Seen that video around 20 times already... but thanks for reminding us! I ll just briefly 'spoil' the fun, then you can go back to it. Testing is not all about 'looks' but a big part of it is about performance. It is as important to share these results too. Internally, we use FPS as a reference to tell us how performance is affected during development. Those numbers are useless to most of you, because your set-up (hardware and software) is going to be very different. My 50FPS will mean nothing to someome running FS on 5 year old hardware. So the absolute performance criterion is relative performance. Or else, how good our scenery will perform relative to other add-ons installed on your machine. Long story short, we tested LGIR on heavy aircraft against many different airport sceneries (smaller or larger) and were very pleased to find that it outperformed most, while being on par with the rest. Of course, I will not post our results from comparisons with other developers' scenes, but I can show you a comparison with Corfu X, which is a very smooth scenery to fly around. I know you are a demanding crowd, so you have two more steps of optimisation to 'play' with Now that this more 'technical' bit is out of the way, more final screen-shots will follow
  11. Thanks guys! Indeed the runway is 'in' the town on one side (09), and on the cliff above the sea on the other (27). It's pretty amazing if you ask me. Most of these recognisable details you see would not be possible without our collaborator, Ioannis Dermitzakis, who actually lives there!! Sure no-one can model these more accurately
  12. Time to show a more complete image of LGIR with some high resolution screens More to follow, enjoy!
  13. Greek islands are always in the plan I cannot give a date, but can say that it is a matter of weeks now. Until then, I'm sure you will be interested in our final screenshots and general information about Herakion X.
  14. Hi Basilis, Many thanks for offering your kind assistance. We are reaching the final stages of development now, but reference material is always welcome I will PM you for further information. Thanks!
  15. Na sai kala Konstantine, eyxaristoume! Xairetismous!
  16. Good point. According to the lighting charts we have, those intersections seem to be equipped with ground-fitted lights, similar to runway centreline lights. We now have these 'installed' in the scenery. As a general note, RW12/30 has not lighting equipment in use.
  17. Thanks, quite good actually and we seem to be on schedule. Obviously the EURO is delaying us a bit but we're still good
  18. I m in exceptional mood since last night's win of Greece, so I thought to share this with you guys. Heraklion by night
  19. Hi Bizzy, to be honest we are also pretty 'bizzy' with testing at the moment. But some screens will come soon. I would say June is rather difficult, July sounds more likely.
  20. This will depend on the new version of AES. Not sure when this will be out, but everything from our side is done
  21. No exact 'date' yet. But we are now beta testing and progress is very good, ahead of schedule. Sorry that I can't say more but the final release is not far
  22. Seems that something might be wrong with your installation as no report of the above has been previously made. Also your AI traffic will depend on your Traffic Addon, nothing to do with the airport itself. The airport and scenery are both infused with animations, the fact that you don't see them points to a bad installation. As said, something is definitely wrong with your installation of Corfu X (product activated?), or other 3rd party add-ons in your FSX installation. The Aerosoft support forums are very useful http://forum.aerosof...rfu-x-released/
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