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  1. It says "regular as well as experimental updates are ready for installation" but there is nothing to install. What am I missing?
  2. Seeing I have available updates but no update on the updater. Any ideas on this one?
  3. I don't use OneDrive. For now I reverted back to the old livery manager and installing manually till an update is released.
  4. We are all trying to get it solved here. Apparently it’s not a “software issue” although we are all having the same problem. Hope we get some resolution soon!
  5. That was my assumption perhaps incorrect. The only thing that has changed on this system was this update, so that is why I believe it is software related. I am not a coder or designer. I just see that there are many users with the exact same issue. Many can't get the livery manager to work, let alone even open correctly due to the .NET Framework error. The operating systems is updated, and the .NET Framework repair tool has been run. The guide I posted earlier is how I tried to install the latest A320/A321 release. The livery manager also no longer recognizes Aerosof
  6. On how we all can get our livery manager to work. Many people are unable to get it working due to this .NET error as well as a missing product files under our aerosoft/liveryinstaller/products folder. This is clearly an error related to software since all these people are reporting the EXACT same problem. Perhaps a test would be.. Install the old version first then the new version and see if you get the same errors as all of us? If this is a poor test then perhaps support can provide us with some direction on things to try. The .NET Error is below
  7. Any headway on this?? I tried performing this exact uninstall and install procedure and same issue as everyone else here. Airbus Professional Uninstall and Reinstall Procedure.pdf
  8. I uninstalled and installed per the instruction for the update and found nothing in that products folder.
  9. Mopperle, Thanks for diving into it. I have NO files in my liveryinstaller/products. Do you suggest I unstall all airbuses, restart and reinstall?
  10. Hi Mathijs, After performing the install of the new as per the instructions listed below caused the livery manager issues. When you tried it on your system did you install the old version then perform the update to this new version? Just trying to narrow down why many users are having the same issue of now no longer having a livery manager or one that workd. De-activate your protection software, unfortunately there are many many false positives these days. Use the Livery Installer to backup the additional liveries you have installed click on liveri
  11. Same Issue for me. Installed the new updated version to Clicking on the Aerosoft Livery Manager from the windows menu and windows said it couldn't find the .exe. When I manually look for the livery manager located here, I right click and run as admin. and I get the Microsoft.NET FRAMEWORK unhandled exception. When I click continue to bypass the .NET framework error it opens the livery installer with everything empty. It doesn't show my Airbus Pro or any liveries. Anyone find a workaround yet? I have the .NETE Framework 4.7.2 already installed on my computer.
  12. I have finally found a recent livery that works and I attached the file structure. I also attached the one of many that I have tired that have not worked. That file structure is attached second. Does anyone see anything that I am missing? I notice the majority of the downloads even when I search for recent liveries, the file structure fits the mold of the second. I have had everything from the livery manager unable to install them to freezing up when I drag and drop. Just hoping to find a common denominator on this working Air Canada Livery. Thanks!!
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