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  1. Hi, I recently purchased PFPX and I have been disappointed to discover that it does not work with REX Skyforce 3D. I have contacted REX asking if they were working on integrating REX Skyforce 3D with PFPX. REX sent me this reply, "With the release of Technical Update 2.1, we will be removing support for PFPX until we receive confirmation that it has been integrated into their program." My question is, is there any intent to integrate REX Skyforce 3D into PFPX? many thanks Gary Bezant
  2. I'm leaning towards Lear Jet, Jet Stream 4100 and the BN Islander at the moment.
  3. Hello all, Gary Bezant here. I'm a newbie to the Aerosoft community. This challenge appeals to my sense of adventure and although I am new here I have logged over a 1000 hours flying on line with Almost all on the C-130. All the very best and good luck to you all. cheers Gary
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