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  1. Christian2920

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Not to stir the pot or anything like that, but really? Abusive? All the previews we've seen has been of that single livery, it would be really nice to see another livery at least. At the very least you should probably read into the definition of abusive, as that is nowhere near abusive. As a little help here is the definition of abusive according to the Oxford Dictionary: 1: Extremely offensive and insulting 2: Engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty 3:Involving injustice or illegality This is just my two cents, please dont take it as anything meant offensive
  2. Christian2920

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    That would require a major overhaul of the entire graphics engine, it is not something developers can add to products without LM adding it to the graphics engine of P3D
  3. Christian2920

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    Oh my. That looks absolutely incredible. Pls dont take 2 years. We need a good Singapore scenery. Cant wait to get my hands on it. Keep up the great work guys