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  1. Not sure what you are trying to say in your first sentence but as far as the Catalina is conserned I have had it for a while now and still fly it regularly as it is complex enough to be a challange. Since it has been around for a while you will find an answer to any question you have somewhere in this forum or on the internet in general. If you are interested in it, do not let snave discourage you as he will not be in the cockpit with you when you are flying As far as the answers to the original poster, had he just searched the internet instead of engaging in a pointless discussion, he would already have the lights installed and working. Dave
  2. Where exactly in the Aerosoft Store did you purchase Shockwave Lights? If you are saying you purchased that product from Aerosoft and they are not giving you any support I can understand your anger, but if you purchased the Shockwave product somewhere else, you should go to thier web forum for support. If you downloaded a skin from some texture artist and it did not look proper on the Cat would you then say Aerosoft had a poor tech support for not giving you assistance to correct the texture to your satisfaction? Dave
  3. The function is enabled because FSX enables it. The spoilers are used by Aerosoft to perform functions on the Bronco to make the flight model correct. It is not recommended that you mess with them or the flight model will go wacko. Dave
  4. sieggie

    Reading Adobe

    From the menu, open Window, Layers then you can turn the layers on and off by checking the eye symbol. In the same dialog you will have tabs for Channels (where the alpha is) and Paths. Dave
  5. ddeuce, If you look in the texture folder that Russ has provided with this skin, you will see a dds for the reticle which does not seem to exist in the original Aerosoft folders. if you shift it's color to green it will give you the green reticle you desire (just in case you haven't done this yet) Dave
  6. See them now. Thought I was going nuts. Dave
  7. i am clearly missing something. Where are BroncoX files being uploaded too? the BroncoX directory in the downloads area shows zero files. Dave
  8. Can you implement the XY channel switch on the TACAN in some future patch. You need to be able to set the Y channels to get the xxx.x5 channels commonly used in Europe on the TACAN receiver like Leipzig 115.85mHz ch 105Y. Thanks, Dave
  9. OK, missed the FAQ. The automated checklist turns on the IFF/Transponder as part of the checklist. Might think about forcing one off when you turn the other on, as part of the update, or put another hand written note on the checklist about the Xponders. That way both can never be on at the same time and cause a conflict. Dave
  10. Not an error, I just noticed it and wanted clarification. I was negligent and did not check my center tank so had the warning showing. Dave
  11. It does not appear that any fuel is transferred to the center tank, fuel seems to just be draw from the other tanks first if it is there. If I start with half a tank in the center and fly for an hour, there is still a half of a tank in the center and the others are lower. Is that the way it is designed to work? Dave
  12. There are lots of fuel tanks listed in the fuel loading screen but where do I manage which tank goes to which engine inside the cockpit? I have 50% in center tank so the low fuel annunciator is on with all the other tanks full and don't see a way to xfer or select a different tank to run off of? I read through the manual but did not see anything about this topic. Dave
  13. Once you hit the VFR button to set the Lower Xponder to 7000 it can no longer be changed with the knob. Great Plane. Fun to fly even on my old beater computer (single core AMD) still getting 10 to 15 fps. It's as good or better than any other plane in my hanger on fps. Really like the startup procedure and the sounds. Dave ***** Edited by Finn 26.12.12 - 01:13 *****
  14. If you are going to delete an entire aircraft, you do not need to delete the sections and textures first. just make sure one of the other aircraft does not refer to that aircraft in any of its config files. If you want to delete a paint within an aircraft model delete the section then the texture referenced by the section. Very often, to save space one aircraft will reference parts from other aircraft that are common so be diligent when reviewing the stuff you are deleting or you may end up with holes in a panel or invisible aircraft . Dave
  15. Keeping somewhat with the original post. I also DLed the 1.00 and applied all the updates to 1.20. Now I received an email from the vendor telling me they have an update. It is 1.20. Is there anything in the 1.20 exe that I did not already get by applying all the updates (I would like to avoid reinstalling just to get what I already have and lose the repaints in the process) Thanks, Dave
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