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  1. Sorry for being a dummy...I finally figured out I was using an a/c that hadn't been configured...thank you for your response.
  2. I have been using AES for years in FS9 & now FSX. I have recently purchased KEYW & MYNN and selected demo on AES latest version but when going to those a/p's there is no AES in sight nor the AES window to select the various vehicles. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the explanation & the great work with AES.
  4. I hadn't but I have now & all is good...thank you.
  5. I have Germany 2 airports installed for FSX & received the notice to update which I did including the second corrected update but when I load EDDK there are no airbridges & no AES. The other airports in the package work. EDDK in my AES list is in the green but still no AES or airbridges. Any suggestions?
  6. Ok thanks...I will try that.
  7. framerates were down to around 12...I physically have to push hard on the hat button to see different views & then the pointer disappears & becomes a crosshair. I have had several fatal errors, usually when I tried to switch back to a default a/c. AirbusX looks great & I really appreciate the work that has gone into the program but it is making things so slow it isn't worth the aggravation
  8. I have the same problems & think the only resolution is to uninstall AirbusX & move on to something else.
  9. HELP!! I purchased A320/321 X today & my world has become glue. I have a moderately fast new quad with 8GB ram...decent card & very little added on to FSX W7 64 bit. I am running the gold edition of FSX with AES & a half dozen addon ( Germany2) & a few 2000UK a/p,s & just flight traffic X. I was running everything up high until I DL ABX. Terrible slow frame rates occured .When I switched a/c back to a default I got a critical error & it all shut down. ( it did that the twice I tried it) I am like many here & really spend time looking at a program before I purchase...I can't afford treating myself too often so I would appreciate some help with this. I have purchased many aerosoft programs especially on my old PC (FS9) in the past & have found them to be of very good quality, so I'm a little surprised with this one but know you will help me out...right? Thanks
  10. I am having the same problem...just installed the A320/321 X ... I have a new quad with very little on FSX. I have the gold version & recently installed Just flight trafficX. I had a couple of quirks but were resolved by downloading SP1. Then I DL your program & my frame rates have come to a grinding snails pace. It is hard to imagine that this program could drag it down & makes for very unsatisfactory simming. I have purchased numerous Aerosoft products when I used FS9 on my old puter & had great results. Can you help me out here? I am not very experienced with messing around in various files & don't feel like I really should have to. I have a new fast computer 2.8gig 8 meg ram quad.
  11. never mind...I found it...I must be getting old
  12. I have installed before in FS9 with no problems but for windows7 FSX I cant find the install exe to download. I have the order number & the key but I can't find the exe. file to download from my account. The product is listed but nothing to click on...where do I find it, anyone?
  13. Thanks for the thread...it works. I don't remember any warning in AES but probably I missed it. Thanks again
  14. I have many addon scenery's for FS9 as well as AES for just about all of the addons so I am very familiar with how it all works. But I now have windows 7 & FSX on a new faster computer. I have added a few addon a/p,s including EDDK EDLW & some others. I am new to FSX so I would like to know if I need to stop the FSX vehicles some how from operating before AES will work. I turned on EDDK in demo mode then loaded FSX. The a/c is shutdown with breaks on. The airbridge moves over correctly & it looks like the FSX vehicles move in ( do I need to turn them off before AES will operate & if so how?) because all I get when I press control shift W is a message that says AES is full. Thanks.
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