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  1. Hi. What I tried so far was: - Managed speed - Direct - No change - Selected speed - Direct - back to managed - no change - Change to heading mode in selected speed - back to managed speed - no change - Change altitude +- 1000 feet (selected speed) - back to managed speed - no change - Changed to cost index to force a different managed speed - no change So once the issue is hit magenta speed wants to go down to 1XX knots no matter what. The value it picked had been varying in the flights without any logic I could observe ranging from 108kt to 174kt Other observations: - When the issue is hit the descent speed in managed is stuck at 1000 ft/min (selected speed) and glide path is not kept due to this. Descent has to be done in v/s speed mode. - The approach phase is not impacted - so during approach I can switch back to managed speed. Kind regards.
  2. Hi Dave. I started the same flight again mimicking the same options, flight plan, inserts etc. The issue reoccurred shortly after reaching TOC where all of sudden managed speed droppped. No inputs, changes etc. done at that time. I tried a direct to the next and after this to the 2nd next flpn entry - no change. Machine specs: Intel Core i7 6700K, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD, GTX1070. FPS tuned to 30-60. Screen shots attached (with debug open)
  3. Adding myself to list of affected users: A319 CFM flight from VCBI to VIDP and before from WIII to VCBI. Load per loadsheet (fiuelplanner). Flightplan from simbrief exported and importet (aerosoft airbus). Secondary flight plan inserted (VOTR). No disco's. All looks healthy. MCDU on both side shows a managed speed of 340/.79. But in managed speed magenta sets itself to 124knots (below alpha frame). So I have to fly on blue speed. Version on P3dv4.4. Frames 30-60fps.
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