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  1. Never mind ... I've figured it out. The rudder setting in FSUIPC for the CRJ should be Axis Rudder Set and not just Rudder Set. Everything is working now. Can't believe it took me a week to solve the problem and one post on the forum made me think of something els. Anyway - it works now. Looking forward to the next update.
  2. My rudder is mapped through FSUIPC. Steering on the ground works 100% with the rudder ... ... but when using the rudder the pedals in the air the pedals do not even move in VC making cross wind landings impossible. I've checked and rechecked everything including following the checklist to a T ... and seeing that rudder is working with ALL other aircraft, it could not be a hardware or setup problem. Am I missing something, somewhere, somehow? Any suggestions, advice, or tips?
  3. Hartstikke bedankt Mathijs ... will check in their version.cfg file but at least I now know that we are on the latest release.
  4. I've just updated the CRJ via Marketplace inside MSFS but the version they show is 0.1.3 Where do we download from ...? Regards Terblanche PS: The CRJ is such a wonderful aircraft to fly in MSFS and the FPS/smoothness is so much better than any default aircraft from Asobo.
  5. My mistake ... when I uninstalled I didn't make sure that everything from and about EDDF in SODE are also deleted before new install. Now, everything is back to normal. I have no idea what, why, how, or from where gates started to hover in the air ...
  6. For some unknown reason one of the two jetways of GATE 21 is in the air ... ... the weirdest part is that it only happens when I arrive at EDDF. When I start the sim with EDDF then it is as it should be. Using EDDF SODE and GSX only for pushback procedures It's for P3D4.5 (HF3) I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version again. Any help or ideas why this will happen?
  7. That's correct sir. FPS are always a stable 30 (with Vsync capped on 4K monitor) and my performance with P3D4.5HF3 is very good and never a problem.
  8. There are these awkward silences between PF and PnF respond time ... resulting in a checklist that takes double the time to complete. Any reason for it or is it a setting that I've missed?
  9. Yip, that fixed it for me too ... Maybe Aerosoft will fix it for future updates that it does not depend on changing stuff in Nvidia Control Panel.
  10. The only thing in my NI is the "Prefer Maximum Performance" tab ... there is no SGSS or 4xSS ... and no range arcs for me.
  11. Do you use any PTA or Tomato preset ...? And if you do, what preset do you use? Your cockpit is so much brighter than any of the presets I've downloaded or made myself. # also no range rings on my installation and the joystick is sooooo sensitive that you ride this bus like a roller coaster down to the runway .... seeeee-saw seeeeeee-sawe seeeeeeee-saw
  12. THIRD BLACKOUT in last three flights i7 7700 @4.2 with 32GB DDR4 RAM on Win10x64 with 1080Ti Airbus A318/19/20/21 Pro version P3D4.4 with all the necessary addons (GSX, FSUIPC, SODE, ASP4, etc etc) UTL for AI Traffic (NO VATSIM) Lots and lots of scenery Nothing out of the ordinary regarding loading the plane and pretty much the same since Aerosoft's Airbuses for FSX and there is no reason at all for the complete blackout. I've uninstalled, restart computer, reinstalled, restart computer before today's flight - same issue, same result. It seems 5 months later since this thread was started that it's still a mystery. EDITED: This issue only started for me after latest update from Aerosoft. Before that, many many flights without issue.
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