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  1. Thank you Otto, the fix from Tanala seems to have done the trick: "The solution, which worked for me was to move the "Simbojects" Category in the add-on.xml file (which was created by Lorby's Add-on Manager) to the very end of the file as shown in the picture below. After this change the path was in the Updater correct and the update to 1.30 was successful."
  2. Why do I get this: Downloading and unpacking Version_1030\addon_scenery.zip... Installing Version_1030\addon_scenery.zip... File: Configuration Tool\Cologne Bonn - Configuration Tool.exe not found. Execute failed! It's been installed in the default folder where Aerosoft installs all other scenery. The Configuration Tool is where it was installed by installer and it works when you open it. Any help?
  3. It's really sad and disappointing that AES never made it to P3D, yet alone P3D4. With more than 30 credits bought, it would have been a welcome alternative to GSX. <sigh>
  4. Yip, they were perfect. On short finals they became more noticeable and once on the ground, as I was taxiing, they were clearly visible. As above mentioned, the whole light system of P3D4 needs serious optimization and maybe a whole new way of displaying approach, runway and taxi lights. At some airports it works to turn HDR off to have decent approach/runway/taxi lights but that messes with all the other cockpit and landing lights. As a pilot myself doing regular night landings these white lines for runway lights at the same intensity and the approach lights barely visible until short finals are very unrealistic. In this regard, XP11 are light-years (pun intended) ahead of P3D.
  5. GREAT!! It's fixed ... thank you so much.
  6. For some reason that I haven't figured out yet, the unlimited option produces blurries. If I set it on 60 FPS the blurries are gone but the micro-stutters are back. But for now I keep it on 'unlimited' and just hit REFRESH SCENERY when the blurries get too much. The strange thing is that with all other complexed aircraft (PMDG, Q400, MadDog) there are no stutters due to the aircraft (i.e. turning or trackIR) and it's only now that it is so evident with the A319. Maybe I should uninstall and reinstall again and see if the knot gets untied. The only thing different is that I use EZCA but if that was the problem then it should have an effect on the other aircraft as well. Really not sure where else as I was looking through all the sub folders and it didn't fit in between systems, modeling, or maybe it should go to 'everything else' ...? Ich weiß nicht.
  7. [LOL] ... as a pilot myself I will agree to that :-D In defence, maybe it's just the angle but I can assure you that all lights are working on the Q400 regardless of any shader tweak applied. BUT, as I said above ... if I have to choose between the shader effects and reds lights (only) at LSZH then I'll choose the red lights (only) at LSZH.
  8. Once again, thank you for a great addon to our aircraft hanger. I'm just wondering, WHY THE STUTTERS? She flies like a dream and there is NOTHING wrong with the FPS performance. With a 4K monitor and FPS capped at 30 because of VSync it remains at 30 regardless of weather or airport scenery but the stutters, ai ai, especially when you fly with TrackIR. When you turn your head ever so gently it is jittery. Without TrackIR it is relatively smooth until you switch views OR when you turn the aircraft either in the air or on the ground. P3D at its best has these micro-pauses but somehow on my rig this Airbus has the stutters so frequent that if really spoils the fun flying it ... and no other aircraft in my hanger has this reaction. My rig: i7 7700 @4.2 with 32GB DDR4 and a 1080Ti on Win10x64 And prepar3d.cfg has no tweaks
  9. Unfortunately I think that most of us are either using PTA, ENVShade, or Tomato shaders and if the lights are a side-effect of one of these shaders then we just have to live with it. But why only LSZH remains a mystery, however, IMHO the whole lighting (runways, approach, taxi etc etc) system of P3D resembles something pre-FS9 and in this instance FSX was just so much more realistic.
  10. Trying my best to tame this little firefly ... who wants to climb like the Space Shuttle and will decide for herself if she wants to follow the route ... and every now and then she takes a 2 sec pause to first admire the view before she continues - BUT, I'm in love, what can you do ...? [My three shots before turning in for the night, after all, it is my birthday tomorrow]
  11. I can concur that too ... And with TrackIR on, it's even worse when you pan around. Nothing wrong with the 'performance' and on my rig with 4K monitor with VSync on and FPS capped at 30 it hardly ever falls below 30 but the stutters are getting worse as time goes by. [Rest of my specs: i7 7700 @4.2 with 32GB DDR4 and 1080Ti on Win10x64]
  12. Ah, rotzooi ... I only saw it now in A/C status that I need to flip Second NDB to active. Open eyes Terblanche and engage brain before fingers on keyboard!
  13. @Emanuel Hagen The path is correct and I can see the EDDMEKCH01.flp in Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans but when I enter it in the MCDU nothing happens and empty boxes where it should say EDDM/EKCH Maybe I miss something else in all the setup and config pages and apps
  14. Okay, one week will not kill my enthusiasm ...
  15. I've purchased the bundle from SimMarket but when I enter the reg key, no discount is given ...
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