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  1. Kein Problem, vielen Dank fuer die schnelle Antwort . Ich kaempfe auch taeglich mit den FSX Zicken (Orbx scenery design) und verstehe das nur zu gut. Gute Idee die sound Datei runter zu drehen. Ich schau mal ob ich das hinbekomme. Einen wirklich tollen Fliescher hast Du da gemacht, haelt mich sehr lange von der Arbeit ab ! Gruss Heiko
  2. Hallo, ich habe eine Frage die nicht unbedingt ein neues Topic rechtfertigt - wie kann man den Varioton leiser stellen ? Ich habe es ueber den C4 Lautstaerkeregler versucht, aber der reagiert nicht. Gruss Heiko
  3. I was trying hard as well. Worth to mention in the manual ?
  4. Hallo Depi, ich hatte die selben Probleme mit dem MS download, aber das File ist auch dem Sim Probe download beigefuegt. Wenn's nicht besser wird, versuche es mal nur mit Sim Probe Hangwind aktiv in CumulusX (keine Thermuecken). Heiko
  5. It would make sense that everybody with a Vista CTD have a look at the Vista problem history (control panel - problem reports and solution) and post the FSX crash related content. I reported earlier that i got rid of the crashes by repairing C++ 2008, but i forgot to mention another step i took - i use only the sim probe ridge lift together with CumulusX, the thermals are disabled (only a green box behind sim probe, nowhere else on the CX control panel). Maybe worth a try ? Heiko
  6. Hello, i just posted in a German topic but maybe it's a good idea to jump in here as well. It looks like the crashes are fixed after repairing C++ 2008. I had 3 longer flights now without hangup. Btw, the error reports were pointing to a simconnect crash. I tend to believe that WinchX, CumulusX or Sim Probe are the culprit, not the Discus. 1) dedicated HDD E:/ 2) Vista 64 SP1 3) admin and UAC/DEP off 4) nope Heiko
  7. Hallo, erstmal vielen Dank fuer den Discus - ein wirklich gelungenes Modell ! Anfangs hatte ich (mit Vista 64) ebenfalls PC Absturz Probleme. Die Fehlermeldung zeigte ein Problem mit Simconnect. Nachdem ich C++ 2008 repariert hatte (kam mit Sim Probe), lief es dann. Bin mir nicht sicher, aber ich denke WinchX, CumulusX oder Sim Probe ist hier das Problem, nicht das Modell. Noch eine Frage anbei - ich starte WinchX nicht automatisch, sondern ueber einen shortcut. Was kann ich tun, damit die Fragerei ob ich eine exe.xml anlegen will ausbleibt ? Viele Gruesse Heiko
  8. So are the developers able to repro ? An answer would be appreciated. Heiko
  9. I tried a Twin and PC-12 reinstall again, but no go... The Do-27 has now the once flashing light, further the RealAir Siai Marchetti, Scout and even the Aerosoft Beaver are sitting in the dark. That's almost my complete payware fleet... I understand that now are holidays, but i would like to get some info how to fix this mess better sooner than later. Heiko
  10. Unfortunately i still have no lights for the Twin and PC-12 after the Cheyenne uninstall and new install without the light update option. Any further ideas ? Heiko
  11. Great, thanks Hans ! Hey, you come around... :wink: I'll try your suggestion and install without this option. I had this radar failure once - usually it works. Got only the test screen (also where the WX radar should scan). One more issue i noticed so far (except the condition levers) - only one engine is running after loading the IIXL models. But it makes up for the second one because it's on full throttle... Cheers Heiko
  12. Dear Gents, first of all congratulations, the Cheyenne is truly an excellent model. After the first flights i noticed two problems. - fatal errors when i try to join multi player sessions. - The aircraft light upgrade for all aircraft killed the taxi and landing lights (illuminating the ground) for the Eaglesoft Twin Comanche and the Flight1 PC-12... The runway remains dark. Default models are not affected. Any ideas how i can get it back to work ? I reinstalled both aircraft but without success. Best regards and a happy new year Heiko
  13. Thanks Marco, i'll post over there. Regards Heiko
  14. Hello everybody, congratulations for the Do-27 X release. It's truly a fantastic plane and my favorite since the first flight . We tested the Do-27 in Gamespy multi player, but ran into trouble because of terrible lag. Same happens to the Shockwave Spitfire and Me-109 while their P-51 and B-17 works flawless. This problem is not related to a firewall. Could somebody please confirm this behavior ? We get a 2 minute aircraft movement and voice communication delay and the plane starts to 'float' away. We tried it with different hosts as well. Thanks and best regards Heiko
  15. Or cycle in the opposite direction with shift+a
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