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  1. OK guys i now this looks crappy but i did it in like 20 minutes a proposal to flag for Andras by brandon carroll
  2. i am from the united states and just got my heli plot could we have the flags of each of our countries like the united nations bulding in new york
  3. yes yes yes yes yes i got my chopper plot cant wait till i get the huey in the air baby

  4. booh yah i got my plot cant wait to get that huey in the air :beanie boy_s: i also invite evryone as soon as i get it up and runnin to come over an fly to my place AF29
  5. booh yah guys i did get my plot AF29 cant wait to fly my huey out of there
  6. thank you aerosoft sceneries are the best orbx comes in second
  7. high im from the USA and was wondering what my chances are of getting one of the chopper plots
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