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  1. Hi Dave, I'm gonna Check all parameters regarding restrictions very carefully this evening. But as it happens every Single flight, no matter what the destination is, I assume, that might not be the key. I do know, that the flight was very short, I did it to check the CI 50 setting quickly. But I promise you, it also happens on 2 or 3 hour flights. And don't worry, I Personally never had the feeling, nobody at aerosoft would listen. I rather find it wonderful, how caring you guys Are. Thanks for that! The other way round, I definitely do not want to be that annoying customer, who points at that Problem, yelling "fix that first". I simply want to help you as much as I can, to make that wonderful plane even better :). Best wishes Tom
  2. Hi Dave. I did as you suggested. Here are the results: Weather theme "clear skies", 25-40 fps the entire flight. Flight EWG9067 EDDN - EDDL SULU3K SULUS L604 MASEK Z52 ARPEG Z850 ADEMI T854 DOMUX DOMU2G ZFW 56.1 Fuel 5.5 I changed the Cruise level to 340 during the flight, so the descent phase would be longer and as the Bus climbed to 250 like a rocket in 9 minutes. I initiated the descent about 10nm before I reached the TOD. And here we go. Shortly after, the descent path raced from top to bottom and the bus began its dive: Some time later it caught the descent path again and managed to follow it, but still with a rate of 3500 feet. Hope, it helps! Best wishes! Tom
  3. For my part: I've been flying the aerosoft busses since the very first Version and haven't had any issue like this ever. I haven't changed my Speed Management behavior as well. I've tried the same Route with the other bus and it Worked quite well. It seemed to me, it calculated the TOD earlier then the aerosoft Bus. That looks like some Kind of reason to me. I also Never only Update the client only.
  4. I can add a few data as well: LIPZ - LIRN CHI7V CHI L612 ANC M736 TEA TEA1C ZFW 54.1 Fuel 7.9 No active sky, weather setting "clear skies" I initiated the descent 10nm before the TOD. Ended up descending 6800 ft/minute again.
  5. I got it as well every flight. This time, I initiated the decent 20nm before the TOD and still endet up like this. FPS are stable. ActiveSky in use. System: AMD FX-8370E NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 16GB RAM
  6. I thought so as well, but as far as I am aware, I am not:
  7. Hello there, I updated my Bus today and from the update on, I do have some issues with the external views of EasyDok v.2. It seems like it uses the shadow-model used for the VC for creating the external views. I reinstalled EzDok already, but it doesn't change anything. Let me add a screenshot here. The external views work properly with all other aircraft, so I assume - without having any technical or software based knowledge - it might be an issue with the bus. Does anyone encounter the same or does anyone have an idea to fix it? This modelling doesn't deserve this :D. Best wishes!
  8. BAW2 on its way home. I really do love night flights in this beautiful Flightdeck!
  9. What a wonderful aircraft! I was very positively surprised, when I saw the bundle Update already available yesterday. Thanks for that. Did my first few ultra short hauls yesterday evening. What's the most spectacular thing about it, is the modelling. Dude, thats impressive. Ecspecialy the Virtual Cockpit looks incredible. As I watched a stream paralelly and the streamer said, he would never fly it again, as the FSL would be that better, it kinda came over me. I bought the FSL as well. What the hell is wrong with me? 150 EUR gone, never gonna use that one again. But not the topic here. The Professional Bus impresses me a lot. It feels smooth, it runs incredibly smooth (at least for what I'm used to from the PMDGs and the 787). It sounds great, can't wait to try the shared cockpit Feature. Of course, There Are a few minor things that bug me, I'll list them here, just in case someone is interested. - the thing, that bugs me since the very first Version is the Flaps Full Position. I personally feel, it looks much steeper in the real thing (I know, maybe perspectivewise, but sorry). - exceeding 17 kn there appears a - in my opinion - Too loud and abrupt wind sound. - there is a kind of strange sound occuring during the radio altimeter callouts. - at very low wind conditions (like 2kn) the fans spin very fast (might be right though, just a feeling, sorry, if thats acurate). - after i did the short hop from MUC to FRA I wanted to continue on to STR. The autopilot however didn't follow the programmed route at all, so i continued in heading mode. It didn't calculate neither the TOC nor the TOD. Anyways. Thanks for this wonderful product. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the other family members! Hope, they don't mess up my law exams in November. All the best!
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