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  1. I think you have to give up. like all customers of the twin otter too. We are just waiting and getting just little updates or no updates. (Aerosoft is working on the next big SALE product (A330) - all other products are not important because they won't generate enough sale volume = simple economy 123.)
  2. @Mathijs Kok I'm confused - in a other Thread you wrote: Posted June 2 Until we can do a new sound recording no updates are scheduled. In this thread you wrote: Posted April 19 The last update does already included most of the refinements of the prop model but until we get full control over the pitch there is not a lot more that's possible. When new features become available we will always see if they are important enough to warrant a new version. Posted July 12 A few tweaks are being worked on but we simply have not found an opportunity to record new sounds. In the first quote, you are talking from a soundset of P3D - yes, quite nice, but you know it is MSFS.... I am sure, it is important enough to warrant a new version. You sold a soundset not compatible with MSFS and now all updates (flight model + prop simulation + Soundset) is postponed because of the sound recording, what is in unknown status? Quite sad. It is a good plane, the twin otter (and its customers) deserve a good sound and flight model. Other third party developer achieved better prop simulations. So, It is possible. Please push the development of a "last" big update for the twin otter. "Just" a complete soundset, a little bit tweaking on the prop model and we are happy.
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