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  1. I did it right now but when I select the Airbus same thing happen, the programs switch off.
  2. When I choose the Airbus X It appears a mesagge like this literally "Desea que este módulo (C.\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Micro...\ASC.DLL) se considere como software de confianza?" it means "Do you want that this modul (C:\...) is considering confident software?" I answer yes, then the same cuestion but with the file "ASFADEC.DLL". Again I answer yes. After this appears a program of Aerosoft in a small grey window. I execute clicking in "ejecutar". Then I click in "Fly Now" and the Microsoft FSX program can not loading and stop to works. I don´t have more Addons inst
  3. Hola buenas, He comprado online el software y lo he instalado sin problema pero cuando selecciono el avión me pregunta si confío en Aerosoft como software de confianza y le respondo que si, acto seguido me da para ejecutar un programa de Aerosoft y cuando lo ha hecho le doy a Vuele Ya y el programa me tira fuera, el Flight simulator se apaga y deja de funcionar. Estoy que no se que hacer y me hace falta porque soy piloto en la vida real y estoy haciendo el curso de habilitacion de Tipo del Airbus A320 y me gustaría tenerlo como soporte. Alguien me puede ayudar, no tengo instalados mas
  4. Hi there, I just bought online the Aerosoft Airbus X in order to use as a support in my real life becouse I´m pilot and now I´m doing the Airbus 320 Qualification Type Rating. The problem is that after install the software I go to aircraft selection and there is the differents A320 and the program ask me if the software is safe and I answer yes, when I click in Fly now the program (Flight Simulator) goes out and switch off. Do you know what can I do?? I need your help. thanks in advance, regards,
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