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  1. In your pictures of the plane it appers that you are at the ENCN location, and it looks realy nice. What scenery are you using...? Best regards Jan E. Stene ENZV
  2. Mathijs, Thank you for the update, will await the update. And Dave, thanks for the advice, I will consider. Thanks again
  3. I also experiance unintended crash of the P3DV4.3 in mid flight with the Airbus A320/321 Proff package. I have not done any research to find the root cause, but parked the plane for now awaiting any new updates or proposals from Aerosoft. I am flying all the P3D Products of PMDG, and have no problems at all. Also the CRJ 700/900 works very well. Hope to see a solution in the near future, as the plane is quite nice.
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