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  1. We solved this problem - user name "A" was а mistake! I have renamed my computer, but it didn't change folder's name. Yesterday I created new user, reinstalled MSFS and all work as expected. Many thanks for your help!
  2. Good day! I have updated my OS. My new OS - Windows 11, but....Help me, if it is possible Hope 2.0.TXT
  3. Thanks everyone for your support! Unfortunately generators have nothing to do with this problem as EFB is powered by it's own battery and it doesn't work. I have also tried to swich generators on but...
  4. I'm on PC with my xbox game pass. All assistance settings are off and I confirm that this flight can be called completely normal (except the main problem ofc)
  5. Good afternoon! Now I can tell that I did everything I could. I have even reinstalled MSFS but nothing changed. Engines are on, but the cabin is still dark and cold. I’ve searched through a great number of different forums and found no solvation for this problem. You are my last hope.
  6. Thank you for your response! I followed the tutorial precisely. CRJ700ER in the Lufthansa livery is parked at Paderborn airport, and then… nothing happens. EFB doesn’t work, battery master switch moves but no electrical power is provided. I’m not sure but maybe it is important to mention that the very first loading did not take long. As if an aircraft had already been installed.
  7. I’ve installed CRJ 550/700, but it doesn’t work as expected. The cabin stays dark and cold even after 20 minutes and several reinstallations. All switches still move but no response from corresponding systems is shown. How can I possibly fix this problem?
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