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  1. Awesome, thank you! Mykonos looks great! I'll have to start following that EDIT: As an aside I haven't been to SimMarket in so long I never knew they changed the layout of browsing, in that now you can browse by country instead of rifling through continents, very cool. Using that I see LiveInFSX has a product for Rhodes Diagoras and a Rhodes Xtreme for the surrounding area.....worth it?
  2. This seems like a good place to ask, despite being slightly off topic: can you guys possibly link me to some places/companies that offer good airport sceneries for Greece? I already have what Aerosoft offers for Greece as in Athens, Kos, Corfu, etc. and I like flying down there from the UK and Germany, and would like to expand the destinations. I will definitely be getting Heraklion X when it arrives, but cannot seem to find anything else. If you know of any others it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. A recent example of possible confusion as it currently is is found here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/55653-yekaterinburg-which-download-for-fsx/
  4. Ahhh, I must say I'm more partial to the ones that are in broken English, Polish, and Russian that are three solid run-on or incomplete sentences that last for whole paragraphs that truly tempt me into getting nice purses and dresses........but that's just me On a serious note I do commend Aerosoft on quickly getting rid of these awesome spammers, and I have not seen one in a while either. It must be difficult and cumbersome to deal with, and really annoying to boot.
  5. I agree that yes, that more specific labeling will be beneficial to the customers in their ability to deduce a product's relevance to them more quickly, and maybe this should have started earlier. Online, on your website as well as other resellers like FSPilotshop and SimMarket, they all have in the "description" section the required sim and specs, on both boxed versions and download versions. So, for an actual retail, (to which I have never seen a boxed addon in a retail store) it would probably be more beneficial, though adding that across the board seems the logical choice to avoid the confusion of "well the box in the store says 'this' and is called 'this' while on your website the download says/is called 'this'", know what I mean? Finally, I do agree somewhat with Chris, changing the old ones now might be like a back street sushi shop where you don't know what you're actually getting, in other words people might get confused if they do not follow the forums and look back at a product they already purchased and see it has a different name. To me, if I saw that, I would immediately question as to whether it is an updated product or if it just has been nominally updated. That all said, I think your plan should be to include these name changes on all future product releases across the board, downloads, boxed, and retail boxed. Kyle
  6. What customization are you referring to? I know there were some issues (1 or 2 on the FSDT forum a little while ago) with buildings sometimes disappearing, but you'll have to specify if that is what you are talking about. Now, if it's a parking issue, GSX just uses the specific airport's AFCAD to define it's movements and limits, and if there IS something wrong with the AFCAD (to which I have only seen an issue with LPMA using GSX in FSX, none others), you can now customize specific parking spots and areas using GSX itself.
  7. Just downloaded it and could open the readme..........but either way here it is copied and pasted: "DHC-6 300 Twin Otter Skin T-85 Argentine Air Force Textures for payware addon of Aerosoft: Antarctica X or single product of model of DHC-6. Real repaint. Originally built in 1968, T-85 had a major overhaul by Viking Air Ltd in 2010 to bring it up to -300 standard. It was fitted with up-rated Pratt & Whitney PT6A-27 engines and Hartzell 3 bladed props and modern avionics. T-85 is now based at Marambio, Antartica. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation (f.ex. if You have Antarctica X and this model of TwOtter): Put this lines in Your direction of Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Twin Otter 300 Wheel Ski (Antarctica)\aircraft.cfg where X is the next number of fltsim (You know that : [FLTSIM.x] title=de Havilland Canadian Twin Otter T85 ANTARTICA X sim=DHC6 model=ski panel= sound= texture=T85 kb_checklists=dhc6-300-wheel_check kb_reference=dhc6-300-wheel_ref atc_id=T85 atc_parking_types=RAMP ui_manufacturer="de Havilland Canada" ui_type="DHC-6-300" ui_variation="Antarctica X" ui_typerole="Twin Engine TurboProp" ui_createdby="Aerosoft" Save it. If You want to have better view (for me) from VC take this view for aircraft.cfg too and overwrite line in [views] section: [VIEWS] eyepoint= 7.95, -1.45, -1.3 That's all. Open FSX and enjoy of the new repaint. webmaster of YoYosims www.yoyosims.pl Rafal Stankiewicz webmaster@yoyosims.pl"
  8. It comes with one...for the -300 Modern. Now if you are looking for a -100 I don't know of any.
  9. I figured, I was just giving you a hard time lol
  10. Can't wait til Friday! A little early for the T7....about 4+ months too early....they are aiming for a 4Q release at the earliest...unless Ryan over there really wasn't just stirring the pot and we truly are in for a suprise
  11. (I would wait for the 747-400X V2....just saying)
  12. Need more information, a lot more. At what point is it turning left or right? Is it following the path laid out on the navigation display? Does it happen when you press "LOC" or "APPR"? Are you tuned in to the proper ILS frequency using the MCDU? Is the course set properly in the MCDU? At which step or page on the tutorial flight does this happen to you? Need a lot more specifics to be able to help...
  13. KyleD


    Hey, I have your exact specs, only difference is that I have the GT545. Make sure your "Global Texture Resolution" is as high as it goes, and check this thread out. I use it and it makes things more clear and at a greater distance. I use 8xs but you should play around with each, as you may do better with the better graphics card, the only fsx.cfg tweak I have is HIGHMEMFIX=1 under the [GRAPHICS] section, which was recently pointed out to me by a few users here. Other than that, I used the Nvidia Inspector, which here there is a link to and a full explanation of everything you will need to do. Check it out, might help you out: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/324786-nvidia-configuration-guide-inspector-2xxxx-drivers-version-20-explanations-of-all-settings/
  14. Here is a short review as well: http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?1148
  15. Hey, the airport is included, but it is not a custom made airport. They all have generic FSX buildings, runway, taxiway, and ramp textures. Also, autogen buildings are very sparse. The scenery is great for a higher altitude fly-over, but lacks the 3-D goodies if you know what I mean. The airports are basically laid out along with the photo scenery, but the default FSX airport textures and buildings are over them, albiet fixed so they fit into the photoscenery. There are a few custom 3-D buildings in and around the city, but it does not give you the quality of other dedicated airport/city sceneries at all. If you have any other MegaScenery addons they are a perfect comparison. Now, if someone could create custom quality airports to cover these that is compatible with MegaScenery Reno (to my knowledge there are none at this point), it would probably be worth it, especially with airline ops. Hope this helps.
  16. All is working perfectly, thank you all again!
  17. So I downloaded and installed the driver from the Nvidia website, removed the old, ran CCleaner twice, installed the new, added HIGHMEMFIX=1 to my FSX.cfg, and freakin' low and behold........... After 3 small flights I ran into NONE of the issues I had before, so a HUGE thank you to all of you!!! I have to head back in to work tonight, but tomorrow I am off in the afternoon, and I will test it further using the exact same circumstances as before when I ran into the issues, though as from these 3 quick tests, I am pretty sure I will not experience them again. Again, thank you very much guys for reading, responding, and helping me out with this. I am a little surprised that it was as simple as a new driver, as the old one was working fine before. I am assuming something happened recently, through a new install or update, whether on my computer or in FSX, that might have started the issues. Either way, I'm glad it seems resolved, and I have you all to thank for that. Thank you.
  18. It sort of does look like that, but that van and those clouds would multiply hundreds of times if I panned my view. When I grab time tomorrow I'm definitely starting with the driver change. @JPetroSS- NO WAY using DX10, I didn't put that because I don't even think about that, I tried it once back when FSX came out and it was awful, messed up the graphics something horrible. What does HIGHMEMFIX=1 do? (I trust you I'm just curious)
  19. Thank you VERY much for your replies. It is an Nvidia GeForce 545. On the Nvidia Drivers website it shows the latest driver with the 545 as a supported card as 304.12 WHQL. I will do as you both suggested, I will remove the current driver, run CCleaner twice, and then install the new driver. It's strange that this has now just started, I have had this computer for about 4 months and have not had the issue before. I think I will also download the MSI afterburner just to see if it is running high on temp. I'm sincerely hoping I don't have to go the RMA route, but if it needs to be done it needs to be done. Hopefully it works with the driver change, I will report back, and any more ideas or insights are definitely welcome.
  20. Do you mean driver for my graphics card? Device manager says
  21. Hey guys, I've never had to do this before, but I must ask the community for some big-time help on this one. I have recently encountered multiple issues in FSX and need some help resolving them. I cannot find/think of anything in particular that might be causing the issues I am having, and everything that has come up in "search" does not relate (granted there may be something I missed as there are thousands of threads). I am trying to avoid a clean install, as a I have a very large number of add on aircraft and scenery, though I realize that is what it most likely will come to. I will break this into three parts: 1. What the issues are. 2. What I have installed recently/what I have installed/system specs. 3. What I have tried so far. This is a very long post, but if you have time please read it, and ANY, ANY help whatsoever, thoughts, or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated! 1. What the issues are. These problems started less than a week ago, and I have been testing ever since, doing multiple flight and scenarios and coming up with these same issues. Description: FSX loads normally. Aircraft selection, flight plan, fuel/payload, time and day on the main menu work fine. Flight startup is completely normal. Now, sitting on the tarmac is where the issues start. First, I can control any buttons, rotary, two/three place, and click to open most 2-D panels. Sometimes though, I cannot right click to bring up the top-bar menu. When it does work, if I access any of the places in the top-bar, and come back to FSX, I get texture bleeding, where objects repeat themselves, disappear, and get black/purple boxes on the ground, and all autogen disappearing, all of that with the movement of view. Also, I sometimes get a skeleton aircraft at this point. A side note to this is that some 2D panels no longer work, for instance Aerosoft's Katana 4x, I can no longer bring up the menus besides the main Shift+3 menu. Another time I have experienced this issue is coming into payware add-on airports and standard FSX airports . FSX will lock up around 8-15 miles out and the skeleton aircraft/texture/object bleed begins. Now, the interesting thing is that I have tried going into scenery from three different developers all with the same effect, using different aircraft, so I do believe it is a larger problem than with 3 DIFFERENT developers. Examples of test flights I have done recently that have yielded similar results at three different scenery developer's add-ons are UK2000 Manchester (registered active version), UK2000 Glasgow (Demo version), Aerosoft Friedrichshafen X, Aerosoft Nice Cote D'Azur, FSDreamteam Ft Lauderdale, and FSDreamteam KLAX. This also applies to default FSX airports, for example it all happened on a flight just now into standard FSX KATL. 2. What I have installed recently/what I have installed/system specs. From the past 2 months I have installed: Scenery AES 2.23 update Tropical Sim TUPJ LatinVFR MDSD Manhattan X ORBX PNW w/KCMW, CEN4, 2S1, KHWM, KPDX city Drzewiecki Design EKRN and Krakow Balice Aerosoft German Airports 3 Aerosoft Holiday Airports Aerosoft's PANC (installed the new update only) Aircraft ORBX Bob (if that even counts) Freeware JN-4D Jenny Nemeth AS 350 What I already have installed and have had over the course of the years since FSX came out is rather extensive by now (if the wife found out the true extent I would "disappear" ), so I will highlight the main points including possible suspects. For scenery I have the majority of what Aerosoft and FSDreamteam offers, a few FlyTampa, Tropical Sim, LatinVFR, and a few freeware AFCAD's. I can't really see this being an issue with an aircraft, so I will skip those, as these issues have occured in all different aircraft from different developers from Aerosoft and PMDG to the CLS MD-81/81, to Carenado and A2A, to even with default FSX aircraft. For utilities I have FSUIPC non-registered, MyTraffic 2010 version 5.3b, Aerosoft's AES, version 2.23, FSDreamteam's GSX, A2A Accu-Feel, and Active Sky 2012. I feel the issue may lie in one of these, but I am not sure. I have no FSX.cfg tweaks whatsoever, I have not changed my drivers or added/removed any hardware, it is all factory fresh, I have run through a full virus scan (Norton 360 registered), and keep the HD clean and defragmented. This computer is strictly for FSX, and the only other programs I have on it are office, itunes, Google Earth, Chrome, and Firefox. System specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Intel I7-2600 3.4 GHz 8gb RAM Nvidia GeForce GT545 1gb FSX Gold, Acceleration IS installed so it is up to SP2, with standard installation inside the Program Files(x86) folder. 3. What I have done so far. Besides testing on multiple aircraft and airports, payware, freeware, and default, I removed a few of the new addon airports like the UK2000 scenery and their common files, all to no avail. I also deleted my FSX.cfg and started FSX again to allow it to create a new .cfg file. The only actions I took afterwards were changing some key assignments and re-adding MyTraffic to the FSX.cfg. Otherwise, straight up brand new .cfg. Did not work, same issues still persist. Well, that's where I am at right now. If you are reading this sentence I want to sincerely thank you for at least taking the time to read this, and seriously, ANY thoughts and ideas are welcome, no matter if you think they might be stupid. I really want to get this figured out, because I can't. I have NO idea why this just started. It's important to figure out, because in the event I DO have to do a full uninstall/reinstall, I need to know what it could be, and try to avoid the situation again. I have been using FS since the '90's and I have never encountered these types of problems before. Thank you very much for taking the time, and please let me know what you guys think. P.S.- After proof-reading this, it is a book, so if you get all the way through thank you again.
  22. Ok, so you are saying that sitting on the runway, with your Fight Director ON, and you advance the throttle to the last detent, TO/GA, autothrottle does not engage? There shouldn't be an issue here, unless it is that exact fact that enhancing your throttle to the TO/GA detent does not automatically engage the autothrottle. Now, the way it should work is if you manually advance the throttle to TO/GA, the autothrottle will automatically engage, you should not have to do ANYTHING with it until you want to disconnect it on approach or when it self-disconnects after an autoland. You do not need to ever touch the autothrottle button except to manually disengage it. Also, if you follow the given checklists, nowhere on the checklists is autothrottle even mentioned for an action. You should not have to press it. You aren't giving a lot of information here to help you. You need to explain what phase of flight you're in, and why you would want to push the autothrottle button, as explained you never should have a need to. Either way, do this: Start another flight, start cold and dark, follow the checklist from the manuals through every line item, taxi to the runway, line-up, and advance the throttles full throttle. DO NOT TOUCH the autothrottle button, at all. It will engage itself when you have fully advanced your throttle. Do that, and if that doesn't work, if the autothrottle does not automatically engage, then something else is wrong.
  23. On take-off once you advance your throttles past the climb detent, it is all automatic and on autothrottle, all you would have to do is during climbout reduce the power to the climb detent after putting it in TO/GA or FLEX, so I'm not seeing how you are getting it wrong....... Unless you are having a problem disconnecting it???? Much more info needed here.
  24. First, you need a joystick, as stated in the System Requirements of the product page. Second, you'll want to post in the Airbus X Support Forum, found here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/320-airbus-x/
  25. A solution for the NGX (and maybe the 747), is to disable turbulence within FSX. Also, ensure that you are entering winds aloft information into your FMC for different waypoints, tutorial #2 that comes with the NGX explains how in detail.
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