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  1. I'll take a look for you in a little bit, if anyone else knows the location chime in if you can.
  2. Depends on which platform you are talking about. FSX- not done yet if I'm not mistaken, coming with release of 2.24 FS9- If it isn't showing up then yes, it's an issue
  3. See this thread: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/38463-cdu-scratchpad-issue/
  4. It's in a folder in your main fsx folder/Aerosoft/Vaernes X
  5. I would also send a support ticket to support@aerosoft.com
  6. ebksb123 said that you need to have the ILS frequency in both the NAV 1 and 2 radios active for the ability to turn on both CMD A and CMD B, which is correct. He is also correct in that you don't need to erase the video, it's a great video, just advice for improving procedures/immersion, nothing more.
  7. Once you are established on the localizer and you press "APPR" and the autopilot switches to approach mode to follow the glide slope, select CMD B to on, and both CMD A and CMD B will be lit and on, allowing the aircraft to perform a CATIII autoland as opposed to just having CMD A on and having "Single CH", which stands for single channel. In other words not having the dual autopilot redundancy, and technically not allowing an autoland. This is where you manually disengage the autopilot for a manual landing. Technically speaking your AP wasn't set for a CATIII autoland, but in the NGX it works anyways. In RW with Single CH "FLARE" mode would not initiate.
  8. Found here: http://forum.avsim.net/forum/352-pmdg-747-400/
  9. Hey Fred, try the new ASE.dll installer here: http://aerosoft2.de/downloads/launcher/AS_ASE_MODULES_V1004.exe
  10. Wow, tone it down a notch guys...
  11. Next week was the last word I heard....can't for the life of me find it to link it though.... Correction! Here you go: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/56040-some-news-about-simwings-fairbanks/
  12. Hey KiruhaQ, you hit the "Report" button instead of the "Reply" button, no worries though. For SirAviation, KiruhaQ said: I use "Ultimate Traffic 2" and several of its own models and textures
  13. Check that your FSX Display settings match or exceed what is written in the manual. IIRC both mesh settings must be at the maximum setting, "100" and "1m" respectively.
  14. Tonight they are doing maintenance on their server hardware, the server, files, and anything else affected including the AES download should be up and running tomorrow.
  15. It does. I was messing with the overwing exits on the ground once and left the left side open, took off, and on climbout noticed the caution light on the overhead on, was like "whoops!", then saw if I recycled them again if they would stay closed or re-close, but they stayed open until I closed them. On their J41 though they have it modeled that if the engines are on the doors will open, but immediately close back up again.
  16. The airport may require AES for the jetways to operate, found here: http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showdsearchaes:010010!0,6204694520,D10333_1
  17. This would be the place to go for the request, none have been made that I could find, Avsim library included: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/340475-pmdg-737ngx-livery-availability/page__st__5625
  18. Hey Don, one addon I can suggest for the south is Friedrichshafen. This is one of my favorite airports to fly in to, though I can't exactly explain why! It's a rather small (passenger traffic-wise) airport, but it's a lovely approach to runway 06 over Lake Constance!
  19. Means when you go to the main FSX settings page, then the "Scenery Library" tab on the right, ensure Manhatten X is ABOVE any UTX or GEX entries. If not you will encounter problems. You can move the entries up by highlighting "Manhatten X", selecting the "Move Up" tab until it is above any of the UTX or GEX entries, if there are any, then click "Ok". FSX will update and you will be good to go.
  20. Thank you, already have Kos and Corfu, and found Zakinthos and Rhodes through ipetroSS post, but I must say a HUGE thanks for the freeware scenery list! I got a new computer a while back and lost that bookmark, and have not gotten around to being able to re-find it. It's the Mecca of freeware scenery, and I'm glad to have it again, thank you!
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