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  1. Hi. I was going through the different gates for the follow me function on AES and I noticed this feature that I never seen before, Push in Available. I followed the little yellow truck and once I got there, ask to set parking brakes and engines off, but I didn't see anything, just the marshall on the tarmac, but nothing else. The AES menu was pretty much blank and it said, that threre wasn't more information... I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what this could be? Thanks
  2. Just thought I mention that double jetways are not active still in KLAX? Any advice?
  3. I don't know whether is my computer giving up on me, like usually does when going through too many menus in-flight, etc... but I was at Vienna LOWW with the Project A380 France, and I requested push back to depart and as I was drooling looking at the tug truck, it did drove to the front of the plane and then my computer got stuck.... again it could be that is my computer. Also does anybody noticed that sometimes when you request push back and as you are being pushed by the tug truck, your plane and the tug truck started to jump of the ground as you move backwards?
  4. Hello, I tried to download the file 2.10D and I did, but when I try to unzip it, it says it can't because the file is empty or better the folder? Any idea? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am just re-installing everything as I had a major upgrade on my computer and I was wondering what are the settings within FSX I need to change for AES to work properly. Do I change the amount of airport traffic to zero? Thank you.
  6. So in other words is not possible right? I've seen this cloud liquid effect in other packages though, for example in the simaddons - Halifax... although the frame rates is really bad. Here is a screen shot from their website:
  7. Hi, I was wondering if somebody can answer this for me, I just bought 10 credits for the A.E.S. to be use at DFW. I get ask to deice, but I see a stream of liquid coming out instead of clouds of smoke like it supposed to look in real life! Is this possible or am I imagining seen this?? Thanks Aircanadajet
  8. Hi, I originally bought credits for two airports Las Vegas and JFK from FSDream. and those were purchased on my old computer (that I don't have anymore, its dead) and now I got my new computer running and I just downloaded the new Creditpack 2.09 but the two airports are only highlighted in blue, and not green. they bought say 5 DEMO and the other 4 DEMO. I am confused?! I don't want to pay another $20 for what I paid already. Can someone help me? Thanks! Nevermind! I figured out! Just copy/paste the original serial number I had on my account and added the credits to each airport, sorry about that!
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