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  1. You're right, however I'm very skeptical that it will be better. Until they prove me wrong, hopefully they will.
  2. Whatever you do Che, PLEASE DON"T STOP MAKING YOUR UPDATES!!! Thanks Erik
  3. I'm having the same issue that Conchulio is having, but I don't mind, this thing is flying awesome now!
  4. Joshua, I just want to thank you! I just completed my first ever flight with the Airbus X with no issues thanks to you! THANKS Erik
  5. You ROCK Joshua!!!! Now I can fly this thing, it works well, now if I can only get the auto brake to come off once I press the toe brakes and the reversers to work with my joystick, but those are so minor, it's not even worth the trouble. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! Erik
  6. Hmm, I don't even know what those callouts are, never heard of them, but I'll run the patchers again. Just to make sure we're on the same page. I just discovered your patcheres yesterday, so basically I installed them after a fresh re-installation of the CD Airbus X version 1.21 then updated it to the 1.22 version, then ran your latest patcher. Did I do it right? Thanks for all your efforts, Erik
  7. Thanks Joshua, pretty amazing. I installed your latest update but now my spoilers don''t show going up when I select them or during auto spoilers. It's only cosmetic, because I do see the airplane slowing down, I just can't see them going up Thanks for all your efforts, The Airbus is flying a lot better
  8. I'm not happy with it at all! This plane is simply a pain in the butt! All I read is the developers saying how complicated the airbus systems are, how FSX basically caters to boeing airplanes, how boeing systems are so far behind airbuses....Why other developers haven't made an airbus product...This isn't freeware guys, I would have understood if it was, however I and several other people paid for this product! How about an apology for releasing a product with so many bugs?!? A product that even though it has been updated several times is still no good?!? A product that people have to merge with a Project Airbus "Freeware" airplane just to get rid of all the gremlins?!? Why don't you guys work on actually FIXING this version? If anything do it for those customers who paid for a broken product. I'm not a developer or anything like that, I'm just a real world airline pilot and flight sim enthusiast so guess what, I can care less how hard it is to develop an airbus! You guys should've thought about that before, but instead released a really messed up product, that crashes all the time. I really think that it's pathetic to release a broken product that cost's $40+ and now have the nerve to be working on another one and most likely charge more money for it!!!!
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