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  1. I have solved the problem This may be caused by an incorrect Windows setting. Go to the Windows Control Panel, not Settings: ControlPanel->Administrative Tools Local Security Policy Local Policies Security Options In the right hand column find System cryptography: use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryptions Set that option to Disabled I had the same problem with other programms (Pilot2ATC). The hotline of this programm had write to me. Yet GlobalATC runs.
  2. No, no error message. When I start the program, I can see the Windows hourglass working for about 2 seconds and then nothing else. If I observe the process in the task manager, the file only appears for about 2 seconds and then closes.
  3. Hello, my name is Peter from Germany. I´m newbie. Can you help me please? I installed the program Global ATC (GATC) from Aerosoft today, which I bought in 2017. Unfortunately I can no longer start it. I use windows 10 home.
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