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  1. Sorry, this is not directly addressing your problem, but re: the above... How will that affect missions/flights which are started airborne? From the above, it seems an airborne flight would start with no ballast loaded, with no way to load ballast except to make a landing.
  2. Just out of curiosity, then, what would you get if you ran FSX in a 1280x720 window?
  3. What is the native resolution of your monitor? I assume you're using 1024x576 to get better frame rates.
  4. Yeah, the first time I tried the CAISet gauges, I was chasing the buttons around the monitor because of the TrackIR, but after a while it got easier. Worst case, I can F9 to disable the TIR to push buttons. I downloaded the popup ones, but don't know if I will use them.
  5. Another edition of HD video caps from a multiplayer session on 04 January, 2011. This one was a 149km thermal task around Sarnia, Ontario (CYZR), which is where my friend Kitkat lives. (kind of a guided tour for me) First time with Max's CAISet gauges in the LS-8-18. Neither of us finished, however, and landed out near the last turnpoint, me right in downtown Sarnia. I'm still getting the hang of the various views we have in FSX, but it's a little tricky to use some of them while flying. Got to watch out for that stupid mouse cursor, too. Dang!
  6. Well, thanks, guys. FPS limiter is only set at 20, Scott, which is kind of minimal IMO. What are you getting for frame rates?
  7. I haven't really explored much of the weather options in FSX. For setting these tasks, I'm trying to avoid the unexpected, so I've been following the advice I have usually found associated with CumulusX!, which is to first select "Clear skies (clears all weather)" for the weather theme, then select User-defined weather...Customize...and set the single cloud layer where I want them to be. So far it has always resulted in what I expect...except for this one occasion, which seems not repeatable. Are there occasions where the above procedure can still result in this sort of unexpected weather results? Would it help to edit the CumulusX! configuration so that the thermal height range matches what I'm setting in FSX for cloud level? Now, don't get me wrong...I like soaring weather to have a little variation from run to run. In Condor, I always check the "Randomize" box, so that even though the weather is set a certain way, if I fly the same task twice, I don't see the same thermals in the same locations. I realize CumulusX! does not have such a checkbox, and that's fine. But this anomaly was a little too....anomalous, if you know what I mean.
  8. Just a collection of HD video captures during our multiplayer session on 28 December, 2010 A 130km task at St. Johann in the Austrian Alps, with my brother and a friend.
  9. Hmm...I just tried it a couple more times...did not change a single thing, and now everything is fine. Clouds all where they should be.
  10. I had read of Hodge's low cloud problem here: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=24556 I just made a short task out of Heath Canyon. I am careful when setting weather to only set a single layer of cu at the height I want, so this task weather has a single cu layer 2200-3200m. I'm using CumulusX! with the default configuration, which has thermals from 1500-3000m, but I'm assuming it will use the levels set in the FSX weather. And it did, for the most part. At Heath Canyon and around it, both the FSX and the CumulusX! clouds are all at 2200m, where I want them, but to the south towards the TP at Terminal, I can see some CumulusX! clouds that are lower. So, I head there, and sure enough, there is a broad region around the turnpoint where all the CumulusX! clouds are down around 1400m. The FSX clouds are all up at 2200m. Looking south and west, clouds are all up where they should be at 2200m. What could cause this cloud level anomaly? It doesn't seem to be the same reason in Hodge's thread. 125kmNoobHeathCanyon.zip
  11. Thanks, Ian! Got it. Does the above line mean we can sub any font? Or are we truly stuck with the MS Quartz?
  12. I used XCSoar with Condor, but not on a PDA, rather the PC version, running on a second monitor. I was trying it because Condor currently does not handle AAT tasks. This reminds me of another class of problems with FSX soaring tasks, and those are concerned with creating and sharing the task in the first place, and then to score it afterwards. I learned from Ian that FSX Missions were tried at first, then just simply using the saved Flight Plan (four files which can be distributed) scoring by submitted IGC. I've tried the latter, using Plan-G for the initial task layout, and it works fine...easy enough to distribute the task. The CAISet offers another method, working from a .dat file, setting a task in the Viewer, send it to CAISet, and distribute the resulting GPS-NAV.dat file. This method also works fine, and I tried it just last night with my friend in a multiplayer session. Some added difficulty presented itself because we set a task using our own turnpoints, which are not in any .dat file. This was handled with Plan-G, followed by a little cut-and-paste and hand editing into a custom .dat file, loading that into the Viewer, etc. It would be nice if there were a simpler route from Plan-G to a .dat file, e.g. if the Viewer could load either a Plan-G file, or an FSX .PLN and then save that to CAISet, or if Plan-G could load and save .dat files. I don't know...just thinking out loud... Some other aspects of typical soaring tasks which are not currently handled well in FSX, although they can be dealt with at the IGC level in the software that displays them: 1. Start line, or start sector, and its dimensions 2. Maximum start altitude 3. Turn point shape, (FAI sector or cylinder) and dimensions 4. Finish line, sector, or circle and its dimensions 5. Minimum finish altitude. Here, my inexperience with RW soaring tasks hinders me. All of the above is handled very simply in the Condor Flight Planner, but not AFAIK in FSX, except maybe the maximum start height, which can be set as the elevation of the starting waypoint. Both the FSX and CAISet GPS seem to have a default waypoint, which is a 500m radius cylinder. What does a RW soaring pilot do, using the Cambridge instruments, to account for a 3km long start line, perpendicular to the course line? Modern PDA soaring software handles it, but in FSX all starts are 500m radius cylinder, same for finish. Sorry to ramble, but this is where I'm at with my very limited experience in FSX soaring tasks. I offer this, not so much as request, but for discussion.
  13. Bulau is screen name. Real name is David Billo Not sure I understand the question. The Viewer seems to only handle one task at a time. I'm just learning how to use these tools, so was just seeing if that feature would actually work. My thought was to make up a master .dat file for each soaring region I would fly, and have it preloaded with 10 tasks of my choosing (by cut and paste method). You are right, though, that it does not take much time to set a task in the viewer and send to to the CAISet. So, not a priority. I'm completely new to FSX soaring, so probably not the best person to ask. I come from a couple of years of Condor Soaring Sim, so I'm used to having everything there in terms of soaring software, PDA, moving map, STF, Arrival Height, etc., all automatically adjusted for ballast on board...maybe a tad unrealistic, I don't know. I'm following with great interest the work of Ian and now, your renewed interest in the CAISet. I would agree that the polar issue is the priority...we need correct virtual polars, and a simple, reliable way to handle them. In fact, I'd be quite happy with what the CAISet already provides if I could count on making, or getting, a correct virtual polar for it. It shows everything I need in clear, easy-to-read format. Beyond that, anything else you or Ian produce is going to be icing on the cake. Those who have been at the FSX soaring game for many years may have different thoughts.
  14. It's mentioned in my copy, 4th printing 1988: In Part I on page 57 (adjusting the ring for wind) And in Part II, page 97ff. (moving the polar to account for wind) However, he does point out (as did Ian) that this only applies when you are trying to maximize distance, not speed. (Page 99) If you are trying to maximize speed, then wind can be ignored, "Since the best cruise airspeed will result in the best groundspeed as well".
  15. What is the method for storing multiple tasks in the CAISet? (or is this RW feature not implemented?) I have this in my GPS-NAV.dat (partial) 0066,44:11:26N,077:18:54W,320F,TA,Belleville ,Gravel 0067,44:11:30N,077:19:38W,3937F,S,BlvlSTART , 0068,44:19:13N,077:19:46W,410F,T,Scuttlehole , 0069,44:24:12N,077:45:34W,630F,TA,Campbellford,Turf 0070,44:11:05N,077:06:28W,298F,TA,Tyendinaga,Hard 0071,43:00:17N,082:18:56W,593F,TA,Heritage,Hard 0072,42:54:39N,082:31:43W,649F,TA,St Clair CO ,Hard 0073,42:36:46N,082:49:54W,577F,TA,Selfridge AB,Hard 0074,42:35:26N,082:22:37W,600F,T,WWorld , 0075,42:48:20N,082:27:58W,600F,T,HPlant , A0,0067, 123.4,,,, A1,0068, 14.3,,,, A2,0069, 35.4,,,, A3,0070, 57.2,,,, A4,0066, 16.5,,,, B0,0071, 149.1,,,, B1,0072, 20.2,,,, B2,0073, 41.3,,,, B3,0074, 37.3,,,, B4,0075, 25.0,,,, B5,0071, 25.3,,,, It allows me to select Task A, no problem, but Tasks B to J show nothing, and selecting Task B just defaults back to Task A after going through the Declare? Start? clicks.
  16. That's looking really good, Ian! Looking forward to trying this out! FYI, that is the way Condor handles STF, toggle the vario to STF mode, then centre the needle on zero. Very intuitive, IMO. I'm curious now, about how you handle the polar. What polar are you using, and does that mean the gauge is then specific to a particular glider? I.e., you would have a separate gauge for each glider, placed in the aircraft folder, rather than the generic gauges folder?
  17. Thanks! And I even own that book! CAISet still have lots of life in them, IMHO, a tribute to your work.
  18. Has anyone ever used, or thought to use, the Jone-Soft Generic Mod Enabler with FSX to handle add-ons and similar files or folders? Essentially, it's not much different than manual drag-and-drop with overwrite, but JSGME makes it easier to manage, and name, what you're dragging and dropping, plus it keeps track of what's been overwritten so you can undo it. It occurred to me that if might be useful for handling various copies of GPS-NAV.dat and LNAV_polar.dat. I know that the FSZwever Viewer 2 tool handles thise files quite admirably, but suppose you spent some time making some tasks for the CAISet gauges that you want to use again? The JSGME seems a simple way to keep on hand a number of different versions of these files, named descriptively, and activate them with a couple of mouse clicks. It could also be used to activate and deactivate any number of add-on aircraft, so you can keep your FSX install pared down to the bare minimum of what you normally fly, but add something back in with a few clicks.
  19. Question: What happens in multiplayer if I fly an aircraft that the other players don't have installed? Will I be invisible?
  20. The version I downloaded has the polar function, at least the function to load the list of polars from LNAV_polarlist.dat, select one, and send it to LNAV_polar.dat. One problem I've noticed is that some polars that ship with a glider are corrupted from the get go, and need to do some hand editing. Not to speak for B21, but I'm certain his guages are picking up nav data from the .FLT fie, same as the FSX gpsnav does. Plus, I assume, his arrival height instrument is getting polar data directly from FSX for whatever glider you are flying, I don't know. I'm pleased to hear he's working on a speed-to-fly indicator. It would be great to have that and not have to depend on a 'dodgy' polar. The Speed-to-Fly in Max's CAISet works like a charm, *if* you can be sure to get the correct polar! If I knew the best methodology for getting a polar from an FSX flight test, I would try to do it myself.
  21. I ran across another post by SlaminSam, who was having the same sort of FPS drop issue, and appeared to have isolated it to the sounds for the SOAR DG-808S, or rather some conflict between those sounds and Windows. I can't recollect offhand where that thread might be... Every time this has happened to me, I was flying that glider, but it doesn't always happen, and I've had hour plus long flights without it happening.
  22. One odd thing I noticed, when I'm cruising, and fly through lift, the "height above goal" readout will actually go down, whereas I would expect it to go up. I can only think it is because I'm not slowing down for the lift. Eventually, it seems to recalculate and then show the extra height above goal I gained in the lift. But even if I stop to circle, while circling in lift it will often show a negative number for height above goal.
  23. OK, we are using TS3 also, and run our own TS3 server. We're not using FSHost, however, but have been connecting through the FSX Gamespy interface. I haven't been able to make the DirectIP method work. I just tried out the CAISet gauges in the LS8-18, and like the way they look and function. What method or tool are you using to edit your GPS-NAV.dat file?
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