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  1. Sounds interesting! One thing I've done with the Rieti tasks, was to fly the World Class task with Standard Class glider. The World Class (PW5) are usually fairly short, like around 200km, so can be flown with Standard class in 2 hours or less.
  2. Much thanks to Peter, who took the time to check this out. Fortunately I saw this post just before I was about to shut everything down. Connectivity is confirmed with my FSHost, and we could see each other, which I did not expect would work, since I only have the required ports forwarded to the computer running FSHost. Hopefully, this will not break down when there are a large number connected. And also, thanks bruin! I just checked on the server by VNC and noticed you had made a connection a few minutes ago.
  3. I've read the FAQ, which specifically recommends to run FSHost and FSX on the same computer. On the forum, there are some old threads by persons trying to do what I'm trying, which is run them on separate computers behind same router, but they are all old threads and no report if anyone ever got it to work.
  4. Ok, I'm going to leave this thing running today. I will be able to check on it from time to time from the office. If anyone has a chance please see if you can connect to it at: 8fsserver.dyndns.org Thanks The webpage works fine, just not the player connections. NOTE: I still think my idea of running FSHost on a separate dedicated server is facing one last hurdle, and that is the requirements for FSHost machine, and players to have all the same ports forwarded. With FSHost and my game on separate computers, my router refuses to forward the same ports to two different IP. I gather this is really concerning the Direct Play range of 2300-2400, and I found out about some software on the FSHost forum that can split that range in two. If it doesn't work, then this idea is doomed.
  5. Thanks for sharing this bruin! Recreating RL tasks in Flight Sims has long been an interest of mine. I used to do it quite a lot in Condor, starting with the WGC2008 in Rieti, Italy. I think it is because I view Flight Simulators as "simulators", and not a "game", that I like to make things as realistic as possible, and what better way than to set up a task that real pilots flew, in a real competition, somewhere in the world? Unfortunately, I usually don't find time to actually fly them however, since tasks in modern World Cup competitions, when the weather is good, tend to be very long flights. This one is 325km. If that were a thermal flight, I know it would take me 3 to 4 hours, which is a bit past my limit. But looks like, from wind and terrain, there might be quite a bit of ridge on this task, which tends to speed things up. Getting good weather data is often the hardest part of this sort of project. I see your weather forecast includes thermal strenth, which is the one thing I have trouble finding and have to guess at. Sometimes the competitors IGC is a good source for that. I have usually used Weather Underground sites, since quite often they maintain historical data, sometimes going back a few years.
  6. Yep, I understand that everyone must set the same time to get the same thermals. I'm just not sure why you are sending them to a website for the time, versus just telling them to set the time to 2:00pm, for example. I'm thinking in terms of multiplayer. What we have been doing is distributing the saved Free Flight files, which includes the time and season, weather, etc. OK, I'm not familiar with the scripts. I and my friends have just been using CumulusX! Autogenerated thermals with the default configuration. What does the script do that Autogen thermals don't? I fired up FSHost tonight, and my brother and my friend could not connect (Session not found), but they were able to connect to Peter's no problem. I had forwarded on the router: 23456 UDP 6073 UDP 6112 UDP 2300-2400 UDP 80 TCP However in the Windows Firewall, I had all the above, except I did not do the entire 2300-2400 range, but only 2300. Reason: I could not be arsed to make one hundred separate exceptions for those, as the Windows Firewall GUI makes you do, while my brother and friend were waiting for me to finish! (I thought those ports were for FS2004) Anyhow, I have since run a script which opened all one hundred of those ports, but haven't been able to test it yet, other than I just ran FSPortTest_1.5 and it says everything is OK. Do the players also need to forward and open all of those same ports?
  7. OK, so GPS-NAV.dat has the task, and FSHost sends the weather. And you tell them which airport is being used, of course. FSX participants are responsible for setting time of day. Why a website for the time? Don't you just tell them what time of day to set for the task? What about CumulusX!? Do you distribute a .cmx file, or just specify a default setting? Ok, here's an odd thing, when I joined Peter's server, and also yours last night, I spawned at a local airport, Belleville, Ontario (CNU4), and I used a flight plan that had summer, August 6. Then I selected a Multiplayer Soaring Clock in CumulusX! of 6 hours (Peter's instructions), and when everything reloaded, I had autumn colours on all the trees. What is going on there?
  8. I click on the "Browse...". then the "Attach This File" buttons at the bottom of the compose post. What are you doing? The insert image button at the top?
  9. Yeah, ok, maybe it was the time I read...I can't find it anymore. So that's good then if the weather gets read. I was about to connect to your FSHost earlier, then I got distracted talking to my brother on the phone. I did connect to Peter's and I suppose I did get his weather settings because the clouds were almost on the ground where I was in Minden. What about CumulusX! settings? I guess that is still handled client side? Does your server use a CumulusX! soaring clock setting? So, walk me through this, Scott...suppose you were going to host a soaring task that we would fly together. What are the steps you would take to ensure that we both end up in the same place, same time, aircraft, weather, CX! settings, etc.? Assuming I already know how to host Direct IP with save Flight Plans emailed to other participants, what is defferent or additional requirements when using FSHost? What about the "jitter" issue I mentioned, with FSX, when flying close formation with other player? Have you encountered it?
  10. I had read about "jitter" issues with FSX and FSHost, so never explored using it at all. If everyone I'm hosting for is using FSX, is there any advantage to using FSHost, rather that straight FSX Direct IP? I'm thinking of giving it a try, just to see what it is like. I have a dedicated server that runs 24/7, so it seems an ideal platform for FSHost. I don't understand how the weather is supposed to work. I see it's possible to set weather in FSHost, but then I read that FSX does not recognize that weather settings, and uses whatever the client has set. I assume then, we would still have to distribute the Flight Plans .FLT, .PLN, and .WX files, and everybody loads those so they have the same settings? I connected to Peter's FSHost earlier, but got clouds at very low level, nothing like what was set in the flight plan I loaded.
  11. Bulau

    Smart Tow Plan

    Never mind...Tow Plane is smart...I am stupid! I was invoking it at the wrong time!
  12. Holy Smackorz! And after you said it was way down on the To Do list! Thanks very much, Ian!
  13. OK, thanks, Ian. I flew another similar task last night (separate start waypoint) and the same thing happened. I noticed the "overlay" option, but haven't looked into it. I'll try the navpoint idea, it sounds like it will work. In the meantime, I went through the list of IGC analysis software at the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange, and ended up with this short list: CouTraCi http://coutraci.free.fr/index-us.html Freeware Flight Display http://www.soaringpi....com/FDpage.htm Freeware FlightMap http://www.flightmap.demon.co.uk/ Mailorder,limited maps, 49 pounds GPLIGC http://freshmeat.net/projects/gpligc/ Freeware IGCview (Ian Forster-Lewis) MapGlider http://gschneid.free.fr/index_us.html Freeware StrePla www.strepla.de 129 EUR = C$170 See You http://naviter.si/in...id=9&Itemid=213 129 EUR = C$170 TaskNAV http://www.tasknav.com/ 35 pounds = around US$55 There is Peter's suggestion on there, and also your own IGCView. I've download all the free and demo ones to try out and see how they work. My ultimate goal is something that can be used for multiplayer scoring from submitted IGC files, but that will handle the sort of tasks I might create.
  14. In my ongoing effort to make FSX multiplayer soaring tasks more like RL soaring tasks, I've been floundering with various problems associated with the task start. Since we are, for the moment, stuck with how the FSX GPS handles waypoints, it's possible to work around some of the limitations at the IGC level. Ian's Sim Logger is the ticket for generating the IGC, since it also performs a host of FSX related checks to verify the log. For viewing and analysis, I had been using Naviter's See You, and it is very good software for that job, however, it is very expensive, costing, I think around 170 Euros. So I've started using the Cambridge Aero Explorer, which Ian had suggested to me. It seems to do nearly all of what I need, except for this problem with specifying the start sector. I made a task, which starts at an airport as FSX requires, with a start gate as a separate waypoint. The task is set in Minden, and the start gate is the nearby Sunrise waypoint, which is commonly used for task starts. Apart from the problems I encountered with the FSX GPS (related in a separate post), I could not figure out how to force Cambridge Aero Explorer to use Sunrise for the start of the task. It seems the IGC generated by Sim Logger had tagged the takeoff, KMEV, as the start. I could do everything else I wanted: change radius of turnpoints, define a start and finish line of certain length and orientation, everything except change the start from KMEV to Sunrise. I know that See You could do this. So, I hacked the IGC, in Windows Notepad, and deleted the entry referencing KMEV as the start, renamed it "mod..." and it works...now Sunrise is the start, but obviously, this is not an optimal solution, but I can't find any other way. Attached screencap is the modded IGC, with the defined start and finish lines. Ignore, for the moment, that I was still on tow when crossing this defined start line, and the FSX GPS had switched to next waypoint approximately where the flight path (still on tow) crossed the magenta line. Also attached both the original and modified IGC files. Is there other free or cheaper software to handle IGC? Any other suggestions welcome. 163kmNoobSierraNevada.zip
  15. I recently flew a couple of tasks in desert areas, one around Heath Canyon, Texas, and other Minden, Nevada. I noticed that the CumulusX! clouds do not cast any shadows on the ground in those areas.
  16. I've now flown the same aircraft (LS8-18) on two tasks, one using Max's CAISet instruments, and one using Ian's updated panel. On the most recent flight yesterday, everything Ian made for the updated panel worked perfectly as advertised. The only problems I encountered were task related issues with the FSX GPS. The first issue is that it does not treat the waypoints as a circle when determining the arrival event, but rather assumes arrival when the flight path crosses the bisector of the angle between legs. Unfortunately, on this task, my "Smart" towplane happened to take me across that bisector. Consquently, the GPS began navigating to the next waypoint while I was still on tow. This brings me to the second issue, which is that there is no mechanism in the FSX GPS to undo or change this state. Now I realize, if I'd had a little more presence of mind, I could have simply flown through the start waypoint, (using the moving map display) and headed out on task, knowing that all this could be sorted out at the IGC level. But, I'm thinking, we have some unused buttons on this instrument. Would it be possible to put those buttons into service to make this GPS a little more user-friendly for soaring tasks? Like, for example, backing up to the previous waypoint, or restarting the task? Max's CAISet GPS-NAV handles this sort of situation the way a soaring pilot expects. The CAISet, modeled after the RL Cambridge soaring instrument, takes its cues from the pilot to determine when the task is started, and when to navigate to the next waypoint. Arrival at a waypoint is determined solely by proximity to the waypoint, i.e. the flight path passing inside a circle of a certain diameter around the waypoint. Granted, the CAISet is a little more trouble to set up, requiring the creation of the task .dat file, but as it stands, the added features and behaviour described above more than makes up for the extra effort. And now it appears that Max may be revisiting the CAISet, and who can say where that might lead?
  17. I have flown the LS8-18 before, but the one with Max's CAISet gauges. I just tried your update today, and everything worked beautifully. I preferred the vario switched to STF mode. The moving map I left with North up, even though I feel that having the aircraft icon pointing up is more intuitive. Both ways have their positives. The only issues I encountered had to do with the behaviour of the FSX GPS when flying a soaring task, nothing to do with any of your work.
  18. Masterfully done, Ian! A new standard in FSX soaring instrumentation and documentation. (and I haven't even flown it yet)
  19. An edition of HD video captures from a multiplyer memorial flight in honour of a friend and flightmate of ours, JJD, who died 30 December, 2010. My brother and I, and another friend, had been fllying regularly in Condor with JJD since October 2008. We're going to miss him a lot. The task start was the Flying X Ranch, northwest of Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, near Austin, Texas, and turnpoints were JJD's house and his church. I'm not religious, but there was a CumulusX! thermal exactly over both turnpoints! Finish was an easy final glide from cloudbase back to the Flying X. An unknown pilot who joined the multiplayer session, Stoastairer, flying the DG-808S, joined us on the last leg of the flight.
  20. Thanks for input, Peter. Yes, it is the default Maule, invoked by CTRL+SHIFT+Y. If it happens next time, we will try explore some options in the Traffic Browser.
  21. Sorry, I could not get in on this, due to not having the DiscusX, but sounded interesting. How has it gone? Any submissions yet? (screenshots, or it didn't happen!)
  22. This has now happened twice to us in two different multiplayer tasks. What happens is that for a subsequent player that spawns on the runway, could be second or third player, the towplane does not start engine and take off, but just sits there on the runway. The player can end flight and respawn, this time getting an airspawn, however the towplane ends up sitting there on the runway the entire flight, even after the player who called it up has left the mutiplayer session. Since we are all spawning on the runway, I can't rule out some kind of collision happening, undetected by us, which somehow damages the towplane, however in the second occurence, I'm certain the player was alone on the runway. I'm otherwise at a loss to explain or solve this. Has enyone else encountered this issue?
  23. I finally got a chance to fly this bird on a task last night. In Condor, I always fly the ASW28 for Standard Class task, so this was a way to compare apples to apples, and it turned out to be as docile and easy to fly. The only issue I noticed was difficulty getting it to slow down when circling, requiring almost full up elevator at times. Need to fly it some more to rule out pilot error. The moving map is certainly an excellent tool for orienting yourself to the task. In the Condor PDA, north is always fixed to the top of the display, and it took a few minutes to get used to the aircraft icon being fixed, but once acquired, having the icon fixed is much more intuitive when maneouvering. Of course, the B21 vario is your "one stop shopping" for soaring info, MC, netto, arrival height, averager, all clear and easy to read. The arrival height behaves as I expect when flying through lift...i.e. it increases. Ian's TE vario, also good to have. Both this instrument and the ASI were indicating knots, which was not unexpected since this is, after all, the UKVGA ASW28! This is the same case as these instruments in DG-808S, where they also are only calibrated in knots, however, the B21 vario and the altimeter pick up my metric settings in FSX, so I'm left with an odd mixture of metric and imperial. I'm not familiar enough with FSX to know how this is supposed to work. I gather that some instruments can switch, and some cannot? I had trouble getting full range of elevator trim with my rotary, and had to always apply some forward stick pressure for anything over 80 knots. It was possible to get a little more by clicking the mouse area on the panel, but it seemed only about 1 in 10 clicks were registering. This may be simply a conflict between having trim on an axis, and the click to trim function of this gauge. Also, this may be realistic, I don't really know. In the SOAR DG-808S and the LS-8-18, I've been able to get more forward trim out of the rotary. Same thing for pitch up trim, which may have been a factor in my difficulty getting it to circle slower. The GPS, Ian, is this the same FSX GPS as in the DG-808s, or have you tweaked it any? Video from this flight to come soon.
  24. I don't know how this compares to your 1024x576 frame rates, but if you can capture 1280x720 at 17FPS and upload that to YT, I think the image quality would be quite noticably better. Worth a shot, I'd say.
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