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  1. Thank you that's good info. I'll hafta look into that all that. I have a very simple two lever setup for the throttle and props.
  2. I agree but even being 300 pounds from max takeoff gross.. Its accelerating way up on the taxiway. The turbo props even dating back to the caravan in FSX did the same thing to me.
  3. Yea that is what I do now.. I just find it excessively fast. You get it going by just barely inching the throttle and then it wants to just keep increasing speed up, up and up. Even after you have cut the throttle. If you engage reversers it stops it but as soon as you turn them off its back to the races again.. I find myself just riding the brake, which would be bad practice in real life obviously.
  4. now way! How is that possible with the wolf pissing on ya tires?
  5. Hey guys I am not accustomed to a turbo prop. How can you taxi the Otter without it wanting to do 50 on the taxiway? Should you feather the props and add a little throttle? What's the method? I had the same issue with the Caravan years ago in previous sims. I have spent most of my time in radial engines or jets.
  6. Thank you for the response. After I made my post I was able to do a workaround. I assigned the throttle reverse to a letter on keyboard to activate/inactivate it and it seems to work pretty well to me. I tried following the instructions using the hotas as an example on the day prior and was never able to make it work. I assume I may have something in a setting that prohibited it from working the way it should. Are you a part of the Aerosoft team for the Otter? Will it be getting more updates ?
  7. Just purchased the Otter. I have the logitech flight yoke and throttle quadrant combo with one lever for each the throttle, prop and mixture. I have searched and tried numerous times to set up the reverse thrust on the throttle and have failed. I want it to be able to be engaged by pulling back on the throttle from its neutral state and off by returning it to the neutral or throttle cut . Dealing with the features in MSFS has been a nightmare for me. Thanks, Jason
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