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  1. Cfronze, Tigerclaw, Gordon, please go here... http://www.forum.aer...showtopic=41525 I am the person who used Cfronze's account, I am an IDIOT. it explains what happened. i hope this clears up Cfronze's image on here.
  2. Hello everyone, If you have seen the topic named "hi I'm new" you'll know that someone was using Chris/ Cfronze's account... It was me, I am a friend of Chris, and i got his user name/password I wasn't thinking, and i posted a response to make him look like a complete asshole, i apologize to you all for this, i don't know what was running through my head, but all i know is that it wasn't me who typed that, something came over me, whether it be my parents having issues right now, or relationship problems, there's no excuse for my behavior... i apologize especially to, Gordon, Tigerclaw, And of course Cfronze... To set some things straight: I am a student pilot, I have been taking lessons since i was 10, I am a member of VAE, soon to be resigned. I did buy Andras field, and I had/have no use for it. I am an ass who never should have done something like this to his friend... I should have kept my mouth shut... I can't say that I'm sorry enough... I feel absolutely like the lowest form of life for what i did... i would never do something like this, this isn't me... It's becoming a troubling time for me, there's nothing else i can do for apologizing, i hope by creating this thread i can set Cfronze's record clean, please place the blame on me, not him... It's a terrible thing i've done... i regret all of this to the fullest Sorry guys...
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