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  1. Thanks for the information / explanation, Mathijs. I've flown the Twin Otter (in the sim) quite a lot and have really enjoyed it - including the sounds for the most time. And yes, I've noticed the steps but it doesn't ruin the experience for me and I enjoy that it is load. It's unfortunate that this issue is regularly used to fuel the flames or even attack you personally. So I've wondered if it would be possible to give the user the option to select an alternative sound setup during installation for those who prefer the unrealistic / flattened sounds. Might relieve the pressure a bit until you, hopefully, get the opportunity to get a new recording.
  2. With the latest update ( spoiler_limit has been reduced to 40.
  3. @gibboireland I'm glad it worked! Enjoy EBBR, I think it's awesome. I guess you are using the MS Store version, I'm using the Steam version, that would explain the different location. The unsung hero is "Mechanical Madness" over on "TheFlyingFabio" Discord. He suggested to try that when I was having that problem with a scenery that had previously worked on my system.
  4. Months ago I had a problem with a different scenery not loading. Turned out that I had to delete the contents of a folder called "SceneryIndexes" in %appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator. Nothing wrong with the scenery itself, something in that folder/cache probably got corrupt.
  5. That Scandinavian Airlines jet is a bit close to the building 🙂 All the screenshots are really great, haven't seen any airport that comes close to this, can't wait for it to release.
  6. It's ok to me if someone is fine with small fonts or whatever and calls it arcade but being able to undock screens can be important for those of us who are visually impaired. That has nothing to do with not wanting to feel the true immersion or liking something, it's an accessibility feature. Flight simulators offer a lot for people who will never be able to fly in real life, they are not just for those who can fly in real life or have good health. Just because something might be non-essential to me doesn't mean it's not valid or essential for someone else. This is not meant to be confrontational, just a friendly reminder to keep an open mind for other's opinions and needs. So thank you for finding a way to enable this.
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