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  1. Actually, most if not all aircraft are shutdown with the mixture/condition lever. You can shutdown a piston aircraft with the magneto switch I suppose but that is not the recommended procedure. If the magneto is always "live" (mechanical issue) you will not shut it down using the magnetos therefore cutoff is used. A turbine engine has ignition only during starting, and when deice is turned on, it can be compared to as a blow torch. Ignition to light the fire, fuel feeds the fire till fuel is cut off (condition lever).
  2. Nick Craig


    For the prop deice element, yes it is a 3rd party repaint. Now that I look at others, they are correct.
  3. This is the proper way to shut down a turbine engine. It is called condition lever. The other waynis by pulling the T handle, this is only used in an emergency such as an engine fire.
  4. Love flying the Twin, just needs more tweaks in the approach/landing phase (power issues)
  5. Nick Craig


    I have been flying through icing for many flights now, pitot heat and prop deice seem to work. Wing/tail deice do not. Thank you for looking into this.
  6. I agree, climb performance is much better without CCM's mod. With the mod if I climb 84% on the prop 45PSI TQ I am 90 kts 1000 fpm at 12400 lbs. CCM's mod, the performance was better before. I feel this is a good trade off for a more stable approach/landing. Without the mod I feel I am always on the power trying not to go too fast or stall. Need the best of both, if I knew how to tweak I would do it myself.
  7. Thank you, makes a big difference. I can now enjoy it again.
  8. Nick Craig


    Not sure but animation is not there for sure.
  9. What climb performance does everyone get? Max gross, prop 75%, 45% TQ. I get around 6 FPM Cruise 120 kts indicated. I had better performance than that with CCMs mod, the new work around i get similar performance. If I move the prop lever to max, adjust TQ back to 40% cruise speed is 130 kts. Don't know if something is causing this bug.
  10. Nick Craig


    No reply from Aerosoft...that's always a good sign!
  11. Nick Craig


    Will wing/tail deice ever be implemented animation and icing that affects the performance of the aircraft? Also, in the attached picture the prop deice element (circled in red) is backwards. I see that in the correct location there is a grey strip, maybe that was intended to be the element?
  12. I don't see a sub forum where one can post pics of their adventures with the twin. Everyone loves looking at pictures especially of others adventures would it be possible to create one?
  13. This is normal operation for Rad alt. rad alt is height above ground, for anything higher you would look at altimeter. Other than an indicator, there are more systems tied to it, such as gpws, egpws, etc
  14. Fixing the wing and tail boots is a must!
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