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  1. " "The uploader (again he prefers to remain anonymous even though I told him we are in no way seeking legal actions, just a correction on the files), reacted rather unexpectedly and told me he would share this with everybody. Most people who violate a law do not do this. It was clear he simply was not willing to respect copyrights. He felt it was in his right to share the files because they contained bugs. We, respectfully, disagree with that." If we're going to start by utterly making things up, I have zero input into this.
  2. None of that gives you closure rate or time to the station unless you happen to have it plugged into the GPS too. Nor does it make it more readable as the 530's fakey DME display is rather small from the pilot's seat. Not what you want to be relying on for a DME approach
  3. The latest version is up and it also includes deletion of HSI auto-slewing and setting the default brightness of the dimmer knobs to 0
  4. I have no idea why the other thread was closed down as it was far from finished. But I've figured out the issues with the GPS Approach Mode and have enhanced the Instrument Template file. In GPS mode with a 530W you can expect +/- 2nm sensitivity in enroute, +/- 1nm in terminal, and +/-0.3 nm in approach mode. There's a bit too much "we don't know how to do this" or "maybe sometime lol" and as this is the second bug I've personally fixed (with zero prior programming knowledge) in a few short hours today, and up to I-don't-know-how-many since release, I'll probably just keep these fixes to my mod and go a bit quiet around here. Expect an update with this addition a little later. CCM's Twin Otter sound/flight model/autopilot mods » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  5. Actually I was right with my first instinct. I had a copied version of the annunciators definition file that was overwriting this one. Change that 1 to a 2 and it works as it should. Any easy fix for you guys @Secondator
  6. As a quick start, I tried changing this 1 to a 2 in the Annunciators file and that didn't do it. Must be elsewhere though I suspect this is also part of it
  7. Yeah, nothing to do with the plane. But a traditional navaid approach with no listed overlay cannot be substituted, at least in Canada
  8. Sadly the answer is "it depends". If the aircraft it setup to use DME distance, it works fine to show slant distance. But I think some aircraft just use an aliased GPS distance in which case it's a DME of lies
  9. I covered that in the original post. The 530 does not have a DME receiver and that is not DME distance you're seeing. Plus GPS track distance is not the same as DME, technically as well as legally in many cases.
  10. And what of terminal/approach phases? In approach in particular it is far too insensitive and should be, as stated before, as low as 0.3nm sensitivity Also, will the auto-slewing be removed while this is happening?
  11. Avionics Master / Radio Master are interchangeable terms. But yes, that. It's very unusual to see an aircraft of this size/complexity IRL without one
  12. I gave it a mild test and it looks like in GPS mode it's about +/- 60 degrees for full deflection while enroute. Yikes!
  13. I'd love to see a radio master switch in this. Having the radios come on with master power is not realistic and you'd never want to start engines that way.
  14. The right generator only comes on with left engine running. Starting the right engine first means no generator
  15. I took care of it in a mod CCM's Twin Otter sound/flight model/autopilot mods » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  16. At a quick glance, the instrument config has the same sensitivity for LOC and normal NAV mode for a start
  17. No, this deflection issue is only in the Twin Otter. For reference, CDI full deflection should only happen at 10 degrees when in nav mod, 5 nm when in GPS enroute, down to 0.3 nm in approach (for a WAAS GPS which this is), and typically 2.5 degrees in localizer mode. The CDI slewing issue happens in a few other aircraft and is config-dependent so I know it can be changed as well.
  18. I'd love to see a small DME indicator added to the pilots panel - something along the lines of a KDI572/574. I know we have bearing and distance in the GPS but that is not a DME distance (GPS ground track and DME distance being two different things, technically as well as legally in many areas) on top of being difficult to read at a glance while on a non-precision approach. This unit would also show closing speed and time to station at a glance, both of which we're lacking unless we happen to have the VOR/LOC plugged into the GPS as well. An ideal location would be above the square autopilot annunciator/switch panel on the pilot's panel.
  19. The HSI CDI needle, whether in VLOC or GPS mode, is far too insensitive compared to IRL and needs to be cranked way up. Also this system should not auto-slew when you select a GPS waypoint. The CDI should have to be manually turned onto your proper bearing.
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