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  1. Oh they already said that they don't intend to interact with the community with regards to this topic. So don't hold your breath. They just opened this thread for their community to complain "as often and as long as they want" so that it doesn't dominate their forums, not because they were actually interested in any concerns or constructive dialogue.
  2. This is actually the main issue I have with what is being done here. This goes beyond Aerosoft and their products. I never cared that much about the Twin Otter or the CCM mod specifically (even though I own the plane). They put out a product and if I'm not happy with their product as is and they crack down on mods then that's simply a factor I have to take into account into any future buying decisions. This is their right as the copyright holder and I can simply move on from that and wish them their best in the future. This is totally fine. If they would've really just wanted to make sure they are covered legally they could've just properly re-licensed the files accordingly (as MS does with the default planes for example). Instead, the suggestion is that mods should in future consist of brittle diff patches and offload all burden of modding to the user (and let us not forget, an Aerosoft customer). This is just pure asinine and puts a chilling effect on the whole mod community.
  3. As much as I want to defend Aerosoft here, as I generally really like the Twin Otter, the sounds are extremely subpar still. If it wasn't for the sounds I'd really enjoy this plane, but the audio is so glaringly bad that it's like a punch in the face everytime I have to adjust the throttle. Yes, the transitions are a bit smoother than before, but the complete lack of gradual pitch change just sounds extremely unnatural. The startup and shutdown don't sound like they were improved much at all and are still full of hard cuts and 3d positioning issues. On the original release I assumed they just ran out of time and had to throw in a first draft of the soundset to hit a deadline. Obviously not ideal, but hey, I've been on enough projects where the planning doesn't work out as intended and you just have to go with it and salvage it afterwards. But if this is the fix I'm not so sure that Aerosoft actually knows how to fix this. I have never worked with WWISE but variable pitch is surely not a super advanced or complex feature. What's really puzzling is that the manual explicitly credits Turbine Sounds Studios and, without knowing their exact involvement, this might even hurt their reputation to a degree. Maybe this is just an intermediate fix and the final soundset is still in the works and will take some more time. But for now I will assume this is as good as it's gonna get and hope for a mod that will make the sounds bearable. Until then it pains me to say that this plane will stay mostly grounded for me.
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