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  1. Sometimes decision altitude is a big number, like last night had to enter 2450ft. When I turn the know with the mouse wheel, increment is only 1ft at a time. Can the increment be bigger, what’s the easiest way to adjust/entering a big number like 2450ft ?
  2. Hello ! Where to find information how to configure HUD for CRJ ? I have searched all user manuals provided with CRJ for FS2020, but couldn't find anything.
  3. Hello, What’s the status with this issue ? Is there a resolution, as I’ve got the same problem. The spoiler lever change was the first thing I tried. CLR button is there, and placing cursor over it, changes to a hand. Then you press it…nothing happens. Please advice what to do
  4. Ok, sorry take it back then. No offence, just got frustrated when I’m unable to clear scratchpad information. This restricts my ability for using the software correctly. My apologies to anyone offended. So please help me out. Ronnie Sutherland
  5. It would be silly to start a new flight, just because can’t clear the information in scratchpad. I’ve seen other users having the same issue, without a proper solution. Looks like bug to me. For example in A32NX this works beautifully
  6. I accidentally entered wrong information for cruise altitude. How do I clear the information in scratchpad, pressing CLR or DEL doesn’t help. If I start typing for example F400, it will look like DELETEF400. Then I’ll press CLR a few times…becomes DELETE again in the scratchpad. There’s nothing blocking the view, I’ve seen users suggesting changing the view a little bit. If I choose a different screen or menu, DELETE stays there always, can’t clear ! What is the solution please ? Regards, Ronnie
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