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  1. I agree, that and the back windows were the only things that sort of threw me off (excluding the audio).
  2. Yes the marketplace is notorious for exactly this.
  3. Sometimes you have no choice, but always do your best to avoid the Marketplace. They're horrible about getting updates through when companies have submitted them. I learned this lesson early on.
  4. The Microsoft Marketplace is atrocious in just about every possible way. I made the mistake of buying my first two planes from them and never made the mistake again unless I had no choice at all. Luckily Aerosoft has some sort of working relationship with them because almost every single other marketplace aircraft takes weeks to receive updates once they're submitted by the company.
  5. Hey could you help me find that quote by Mathjis where he says it isn't possible and is up to Asobo to fix (although is not an issue for ANY other 3rd party developer)? I have just heard this for the first time today, and if it is true, I will be requesting a refund from Aerosoft and will no longer purchase products from them, as I know by this point the cross fading issues were a deficiency on the part of whoever their sound engineer was. Thanks for helping me find this.
  6. I guess I should have done that. I honestly never thought they could or would make it worse with the update. Hopefully it's just a mistake and will be fixed with the next update. I refuse to spend more money on this product given the circumstances.
  7. I agree. I feel like I have no choice but to keep this plane grounded until they provide a fix. I am really bummed. Will have to wait for next update.
  8. Actually, does anyone know how I can now roll back this update to the previous release until the sound bugs get worked out?
  9. Issue solved. Had to do with an incomplete initial update. Was still on the old release. Rain effects again visible, as is glass and glass reflections. Thanks so much everybody for taking the time to check and confirm for me here! Topic may be closed.
  10. I also agree very much with the points made. Hoping very much they're able to get past this issue. I find this to be my only major roadblock with this product.
  11. Thanks so much for checking. I will do a reinstall when I get home. Hopefully that's where that rain effect issue is coming from also.
  12. I'm really happy they're working toward making the sound aspect up to par with the rest of the aircraft. I hope we can all help.
  13. I am not sure if this began with the most recent update or not, but glass reflections, along with glass on the instruments in the cockpit, and windshield rain effects appear to be missing for me. Is anyone able to reproduce this?
  14. Thank you so much Mathijs. I absolutely love this plane and you've all done an incredible job. Every update will continue to set my own expectations higher and higher. Much appreciated to you and the team for all the hard work and community engagement.
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