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  1. I've noticed exactly the same yawing problem on the ground - the Otter is impossible to control unless the wind is directly from the front. Taxi crosswind and the plane yaws INTO the wind so it has nothing to do with engine torque. Using rudder pedals is useless - just touching the pedals makes the plane slide all over the place. Turning Autorudder back ON works but I don't have to do this for any other aircraft - just the Otter. Also much worse using Live Weather, but again only the Otter seems to be affected. BTW, I also have all piloting options at Hard.
  2. Thanks, I was afraid of that! I find the rudder pedals too sensitive to steer on the ground even with a milder rudder profile but steering with the tiller is a lot better. My main issue is using the toe brakes, hard to not steer at the same time! John
  3. Not that its a huge issue, but is there a way to decouple nosewheel steering from the rudder pedals? Just wondering? John
  4. The recommended 530 AP addon fails with the Apr 25 MSFS update. It eventually stops initializing but it takes a loooong time. Anybody else have the same problem? I deleted the addon and the default AP works but it clearly needs the addon. John
  5. Cockpit sounds are extremely loud (compared to other aircraft) and almost sound like a hurricane is blowing through the cockpit. Engine sounds are OK but something must be wrong - is it me? I'm new to buying aircraft so bear with me please. John
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