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  1. Hi, I recently switched out a defective m.2 drive (d-drive) and slowly going through re-adding the MSFS products. I've installed the latest AS-one software and it thinks I have my purchased products on the 'd' drive, which is where they were but no longer. The As-one software is only giving me the option to activate rather than install and when I try to activate them the software just sits on the Activating Add-ons dialogue window with the 'clock' turning. I've tried removing AS-one followed by a reboot and re-install but the software still thinks the products are installed, which they aren't. I've also logged out and back into my AS account Any thoughts on what I should be doing please? regards Kev
  2. The husky is getting slightly concerned. Mathijs has sent his groundcrew penguins along to move the husky away
  3. It's a custom one in Alaska I'm working on, Tatitna (8KA) 2000' long so easy for the Otter if you maintain the centre line , pm me if you want to play there it's very close to being finished. The Huskies provide a de-icing service on the tyres for free lol Kev
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