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  1. Can I have a suggestion? I would like to have the choice of installation. I'm a virtual pilot and I'm mainly interested in the cockpit of the plane, not the interior of the terminal. In my opinion, it is unnecessary to model the interior of the building. The exterior as it was before with the FPS sensitivity would be enough. That's why I would try to add the possibility of choosing the terminal interior yes/no. City yes/no. Would it be possible and not complicated? Please and thank you I appreciate your work and thank you for it. Kendy
  2. Promised LKKV and LKPD what was the outlook for this year will no longer be? 😢
  3. I really didn't know that and I'm sorry. I will correct and thank you for the information and keep my fingers crossed for further work. thanks
  4. The ortho problem can also be seen in the pictures in the simarket. This is from my computer. The texture condition remains the same even after 10 minutes from power on. I thought it was a problem only in my PC but not. It would be good to try to make FPS improvements as well. It's quite challenging against other major airports that I have in the simulator. I might add the option to turn ortho on or off for the installer. Or let it adapt to FTX ORBX Thank you Pavel1971 for your work and I look forward to your next airport.
  5. Will there be any LKBT news for P3D? There is room for improvement. Blurred ortho is bad
  6. Hi Pavel All right? There are no news for a long time.
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