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  1. OK, I got my machine back. The fuel planner now refuses to work at all. Every time I try and generate a fuel sheet, I get the usual error, "Access to path 'C:\users\xxx\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3xx Fuel Planer\LoadSheets\LoadsheetA320.txt is denied" It does not matter if P3D is loaded or not, if the A320 is loaded or not, or if I select Administrator or not. On the shortcut to the fuel planner properties, I have the 5 Permissions for everyone set to Allow, so I thought that gave permission for every one who logged in to access the fuel planner. Anyway, maybe one of those things. The MCDU fuel/cargo entries work ok
  2. Hi Secondator, masterhawk Yes, strange. I always select Administrator when invoking the fuel planner. I moved the .txt files out of the Loadsheet folder. Made no difference I have removed and reinstalled the buses, to no avail. I notice in the Error report, that the first line maybe a strong clue.... UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Users\geoff\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner\LoadSheetA320.txt' is denied For some reason, the program does not allow me access to the Fuel Planner LoadSheet. I did go into the fuel planner and added the permission for 'everyone', thinking this will give me approval. Nah... I have had some success...just before my flight sim machine died, and Is away for a fortnight bring resurrected... I found that the task bar short cut for the fuel planner always caused the error when used, regardless of Administrator use. I found the Fuel Planner from the Start Menu worked most times. I think the fuel planner from the C:\Users\geoff\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner also worked. I was in the process of eliminating the three fuel planners variations when my machine refused to post when restarted after lunch one day. When I get it back, I will continue testing and report back. But when it worked, it was rock solid. I could open the fuel planner and select any aircraft and generate the loadsheet.txt. If I re-chose the same a/c, the loadsheet would overwrite, and the a/c would have the correct data when the MCDU was loaded. So, getting closer to the issue.
  3. I have the A318-321 professional series... for P3Dv4 on a uptodate Win10 machine. I have not used P3D for many months. So, spent some time updating it and the various aircraft. When I use the A3xx Fuel Planer, (either from the start menu or the actual A3xx Fuel Planner folder) with any of the buses, I get the error...Access to path 'C:\users\xxx\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3xx Fuel Planer\LoadSheets\LoadsheetA320.txt' is denied sort of implying a permission issue? I have my A3xx Fuel Planner Properties permissions to 'Allow' thinking all folders have all permissions. I always have the Administrator ticked in the security box. When I look in the 'C:\users\xxx\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3xx Fuel Planner\LoadSheets folder, I find some older Loadsheets from 2021, but not the current loadsheet I just created. However, when I look in the 'A3XX Fuel Planner' folder, I find an AircraftData Folder, a Loadsheets Folder, the Aerosoft.AirbusX.FuelPlanner.exe and the file 'FuelPlannerSavedSettings.xml [which has the current fuel/cargo/pax settings for my required Loadsheet. It seems the Aerosoft.AirbusX.FuelPlanner.exe is not converting the xml file to a txt file and moving it to a folder allowing the MCDU to find it. What bit of config am I missing. Geoff edit...I am not a new member, but can't find my log in details, the new password email never arrived so created a new login
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