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  1. I spoke with my friend Captain Art Lee and he told me of a company he flew for up in northern Canada that used float Twin Otters. At the end of the season they would have the planes come back to their base airfield, land on grass, get picked and put on a dolly or trailer, then get towed to the hangar for winter storage. With this in mind I placed myself on a water aerodrome outside of Bracebridge Ontario and flew to a small grass strip just a few nautical miles away. I landed quite safely with a pretty short skid-out (rollout without wheels?), shut down, then went to an outside view to look around. As I was looking I noticed the plane was rotating counter-clockwise. When I finished with the flight I went back to the home screen and while looking at my logbook I saw in the background that the plane was doing the same thing on the concrete floor of the hangar. Is this just me or does anyone else see this? Bob edit: With this plane we can now see what's on the outside of the hangar that is the backdrop for the opening menus. First, here's the plane after making a 90 degree turn to the left and proceeding across the floor: Here's a shot from outside the hangar wall where we see she's made another left turn: I stopped for lunch so I missed some stuff but, here's a shot after the plane has trekked around the outside of the hangar and is now trying to get back home before anyone notices she's been on a walkabout: B
  2. Thank you folks for the input. UnsealedKarma seems to address the switches I was looking to get operating. I also just saw in the "General Discussion" section that Mathijs has a changelog for the upcoming update in a thread called "Update." This is encouraging. Bob
  3. I have the ATC panel on my left monitor. Whenever the cursor moves over the panel the screens and other electrics shut off in the cockpit. Electrics on; cursor NOT on ATC panel: Electrics on; cursor on ATC panel: It doesn't matter whether the cursor is active for the sim monitor or the other monitors. Bob
  4. Thanks for your reply. I'll maybe take your suggestion about the two utilities but I'll take my time researching which might be better. I've got the basic lighting set up on my Honeycomb Alpha as the switches are marked for the lights. In other posts I find that the strobes don't work right now (maybe never). Bob edit: I just went to both Axis and Ohs and SPAD.neXt and both seem suitable for Saitek hardware. I only have the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and rudder pedals as well as the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo so I guess I may try something else. A thought just came to me: I bought the MilVis FG-1D Corsair and they bound the tailhook to the MSFS water rudder. This means something like this could be done for other planes. I'll ask about that. B
  5. dresoccer4: Sorry, I should've mentioned that I'm training in this plane and, to reduce variables, I fly out of CYSN Niagara District in calm, clear conditions. Once I get comfortable enough I'll start to dial in the weather variables. Bob
  6. As MarkHurst mentioned above look down between the seats and you'll see the rudder trim wheel and indicator. Look closely at the indicator and you'll see a mark "TO". I find 16 (sixteen) clicks on my button mapped to right rudder trim takes me to that mark. You'll still need a tad more rudder during takeoff and just before full rudder authority kicks in but this should help. Bob
  7. It’s a small thing but I dislike the cursor popping up on screen and the taskbar showing up when the cursor moves. I also get the tooltips popups and the blue ABC eye thingy when I touch anything that I can control. For these reasons I like to use bindings for controls. I've tried my best but can't find the following: Fuel boost pumps Fuel selector Battery/external power switch Engine igniter Ignition manual/normal cover Ignition manual/normal switch Forward and aft cargo door switches Ram air lever Left and right wing tank control switches Caution lights switch (overhead) Wing inspection switch (overhead) Reading and entrance switches (overhead) Flight compartment switch (overhead) Fasten belts switch (overhead) No smoking switch (overhead) The three dim/bright panel rheostats (overhead) Ceiling light (overhead co-pilot’s side) I’ve tried the “SEARCH BY NAME” but I’m afraid that MSFS has this obscure naming convention and the description is, in most cases, non-existent. For example: In the “Instruments and Systems” > “Fuel” section choosing “FUEL SELECTOR 1 RIGHT” shows, in the “Description” panel, “FUEL SELECTOR 1 RIGHT” then, underneath, says “Turn fuel selector 1 to RIGHT position. Man, that's a lot of help. Great plane and having a blast in it. Looking forward to more immersion with the key bindings. Bob
  8. Hi Mathijs: Oops! Never encountered a three-part download process before. Okay, it's downloading and installing now. I hope. At least there's a bar filling up. And later I'm going out and help fill a bar here in town. Aaargghh! Covid shut 'em down here in Ontario Canada! Thanks for the help Bob
  9. Hello: I came downstairs at 0730 EST and, 'lo and behold, there's the Twin Otter for download! I registered as a new member/user/whatever on the "Buy" page, entered all the info, went through and, as far as I can see, completed the transaction and got the confirmation email. I even read the two PDF files. So, how do I get the download? Bob
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