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  1. hi Holgi! Thank you, haven't seen that one before
  2. Hi everyone! I just wondered if it would be possible to paint an IB A321 in the normal IB colors (Holgi made a nice one with Basketball championchip stickers). Holgi, maybe you could do this, shouldn't be too much work i guess Time doesn't matter, as always. Thanks in advance
  3. That repaint looks fantastic. I'm sure the hapagfly will look great as well. Can't wait for the release!!
  4. Fantastic. Thank you for painting this bird!
  5. So, anyone able and willing to make it? Thank you
  6. Yeah, this would be great. Of course you can take your time if you have other repaints to do first.
  7. Hi Holgi! Thank you very much for this repaint. As always: brilliant job!
  8. Yes, probably pretty easy one for an experienced painter. I really hope that someone will make this paint.
  9. Hi, I have a repaint request: LTU A320 in the old standard LTU colours. There is already a very nice A321 livery and also a nice A320 in the Borussia Mönchengladbach special colour. Sadly no A320 standard yet. picture I would be very happy if one of the talented painters here in the forum (Jon or Holgi?) could make this paint. Of course you can take as much time as you need. Thank you
  10. Nice, these are some good pictures. Why did you upload them? Do you want someone to make a repaint for the Airbus X? Then you'd have to say this.
  11. Hi there. Your modification is good so far, nevertheless I have a problem with it. The Lufthansa writing in the front is not complete. Parts of the L and on the other side: the a are missing (close to the doors L1 and R1) Hope you can fix this problem.
  12. So, is there anyone who might do this? Would be great. Thank you
  13. Have you tried to read my post ? I requested a repaint for the Spanair A321. The already existing on is for the A320. You see?
  14. Where can I find it? Thank you.
  15. HI! Could someone please make a paint of a Spanair A321? LINK: http://www.flugzeugbilder.de/show.php?id=994769 This would be very kind. Gracias. Have a nice evening.
  16. Hi Holgi! This livery looks great. I would also be interested in it. Could you post the link here in this thread? Best wishes (please keep it in English because this is the English forum)
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