We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Hi there, As I write this for summary some small differencial that I met during this half year. It's based on MSFS2020 version, and I do think it's a really outstanding aircraft, there's no doubt it's even the best model in MSFS, but I do think we can make it better right? Since that time I just start my initial training for CRJ900 therefore I bought this A/C try to farmilar the SOP. But then found this unreal issue but actually doesn't matter about playing, but if we can make it more real should be better right? 1. ICE test: We press “ICE” Switch on Anti-Ice Panel an "ICE" caution EICAS message should be occur. 2. Vspeed setting: I don't really understand why only left seat can adjust that, also when approach we use Vr for Vref. (Coz I always seat on the right seat after line-up lol) And only the 4 Vspeed set correct TO will ocuur. (Vt>=V2>=V1>=Vr) 3. CRS knob & NAV Source knob: For our SOP, we need to set the approach navaid frequency inside and tune CRS to the final approach corse. So theres 2 question: (1 Even I cannot receive the signal, the CRS should still be seen like "CRS180" (2 Even choose AUTO in FMS, ILS or VOR frequency for final approach still cannot switch automatically in RTU. 4. LAMP test: When switch to 1, only DCU1 will illuminate, for switch 2 is DCU2. (Deeper meaning is to test FCC1 & 2) 5. Is Pitch Disc and Roll Disc really be sim? If yes, when the Roll Disc handle been pull out and turned, Roll Sel Switch will illuminate and L/R side switch shall be press for select. 6. TCAS: Why there's no TA/RA? And when doing the TCAS TEST, there should 4 traffics occur when MFD at TCAS page. As for TA/RA, MFD do only shows "TA ONLY ABV/BLW" when this aircraft not airborne, but doesn't means there's no that choice... And I think REL mode is defult mode. (For the range should be 4-60nm, +-9900ft/2700ft) 7. Terrain & Radar: Haven't this function right? 8. Windshield Heat: After swtich Windshield heat to LOW or High pos, by pressing the WSHLD HEAT buttom, 4 caution information shall display on MFD:"L WINDOW HEAT" "R WINDOW HEAT" "L WSHLD HEAT" "R WSHLD HEAT" 9. FMS: (1 OFFSET mode: Not shows in CDU. (2 4 ways to make pilot wpt: Latitude&Longitude mode cannot use, Airway point cannot use. 10. Flex Temp: For cancal Flex Temp when T/O, we can pust to MAX then back to TOGA, it will be cancelled when airspeed below 65kts. (Due to FADEC) 11. AFTER CARGO Switch: For A/C control, After Cargo switch should have 3 pos: OFF, AIR, COND AIR. 12. Pressurize System: When T/O, cabin altitude will -150ft with -300fpm then climb. 13. GND Spoilers retraction: For this one I don't really sure the software wheather is correct or not 1) Thr <= TOGA 2) Wheel Speed <45kt for 10s 3) on ground(WOW) 40s And some smaller details: Seems Wiper cannot remove any water... P.S: I don't really sure if developer will see this or not, it anyone know how to contact them plz make common below, thanks!
  2. Hi there, When I try to use Aerosoft one to download Simple Traffic this message occurs, I try to change the “Download region” to Asia coz I’m live in China but this problem still there, so how can I fix this problem? thanks!
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